Simply Automated DKIT-01 SimplySmart Dimmer Starter Kit

Pre-Configured UPB Simple Starter Kit for Hard Wired Lighting Control
  • Utilizes SimplySmart technology to make installation a breeze
  • No computer programming required
  • Simple-n-easy, ready to use lighting control



List Price: $199.95

Your Savings: $17.50

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  • This starter kit comes with two pre-configured dimmer switches and one deluxe dimmer with 4-button scene buttons.

    If you're new to home automation, this UPB starter kit will get you give you a taste of what is possible in controlling your lights in more convenient ways than what was originally designed by the electrician who wired your home.

    The SimplyBrilliant UPB Dimming Transceiver Switch, model US11-40, provides direct load control and or remote control of permanently-installed new or existing lighting fixtures, lamps and other electrical devices connected to UPB devices. Each unit has one rocker switch that directly controls a load up to 900W (see Table 1). Incandescent lamps can be turned ON or OFF, and can also be dimmed and brightened. The US11-40 can be configured to turn other types of non-dimmable loads ON and OFF.

    The timer function can be used to automatically turn OFF loads, after a preset time, like bathroom fans or heat lamps. The switch may also act as a transmitter or receiver that can communicate with other UPB devices, either individually or collectively for lighting scenes.

    Note: This incandescent dimmer cannot be used to dim fluorescent, electronic low-voltage or metal halide lighting, unless specifically allowed by the lighting manufacturer. Please see instructions to configure this product for ON/OFF operation with these types of lighting.

    Note: With the SimplySmart pre-configured devices, each device has been hard coded with a unique ID, which means you'll only want one of each of the following in a single home: DKIT-01, DKIT-02, UML7, UML8, US1W9, US1W10, US2TP11, or US2W12. Having more than one of these in the home will make communication unstable, as these are designed to be starter devices only.
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