Sima 92" Fixed Frame Surface Mount Video Projection Screen
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Sima 92" Fixed Frame Surface Mount Video Projection Screen

Enjoy LCD, DLP or CRT Video Projection on a High Contrast White or Dove Gray Projection Screen


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  • Gain
    Gain is a measurement of the reflectivity of any screen or projection surface. The gain number represents a ratio of the light that is reflected from the screen as compared to the light reflected from a standard white (magnesium oxide) board. Therefore, a screen with a gain of 1.0 will reflect the same amount of light as that from a white board. A screen rated at 1.5 gain will reflect 50% more light as that from a white board, whereas a gray screen with an 0.8 rating will reflect 80% of the light from a white board. High gain screens can be quite effective in boosting image brightness. However, the videophile looking for the optimum image quality in a home theater environment will usually want to opt for a low gain screen. Keeping this in mind, Sima set the gain factor for the high contrast white side to 1.0 and the dove gray side to 0.8.

    How it Works
    • Corner connectors secure frame sections
    • Steel rods secure screen to frame providing perfect tensioning
    • Hang up hooks are provided to mount frame/screen to wall
    • Two screen surfaces are provided - white for TV and grey for theater

    • Specifications

      Manufacturer:Sima Products Corp
      Manufacturer Product No.:LUM-92-VX
      Screen Material:High Contrast Gray and Bright White (both included)
      Frame Color:Black Velvet
      Frame Width:2.5''
      Format:HDTV (16:9)
      Size (Diagonal):92" (16:9)
      Viewing Area (H x W):80" x 45"

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    • Two (2) screens (High Contrast White, Dove Gray)
    • Four (4) frame sections - two (2) long and two (2) short
    • Four (4) steel rods - two (2) long and 2 short
    • Four (4) joint peices
    • Hang-up hooks
    • Hang-up tabs
    • Screws
    • Owner's manual

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