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SwitchLinc - "I love the whole SwitchLinc line. I'd used X-10 and Leviton brand in the past, and found them to be flakey at best."
KeypadLinc - "Excellent product, nice to the touch and extremely reliable!"
ToggleLinc - "Perfect, as usual!"
LampLinc - "Works great... superior product by far. Like the fade on-off and pre-set dim for plug in lamps."
ApplianceLinc - "Works very well and has quiet contacts. Slick looking without the daisy wheels."
HouseLinc - "Item appears to be well worth the money. Good features and solidly constructed. I keep finding new ways to use it. Quite a step-up from the x-10 branded unit I had originally, which had reliability and failure problems."
PowerLinc - "It is sooooo nice to only have one device plugged in to control my home automation interface."
SmarthomeLive - "Works as advertised."
SignaLinc - "This is the way all X10 product should work... Plug it in and it works... No BSEE degree needed, no electrician, no setup, no problems!"
BoosterLinc - "I love this product. It solved all the problems I was having with my switches. My system now works perfectly."
FilterLinc - "Your people were wonderful! We discussed my problem and they were able to suggest a solution which SAVED ME MONEY. You can't beat that kind of service."
IR Emitter - "It has performed well; in fact, superior to the OEM part it replaced."

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