Ultimate Home Theater Audio Experience

Ultimate Home Theater Audio Experience

Whether mounted on a wall or sitting on a stand, your thin and sexy flat panel Plasma or LCD television rules as the centerpiece of your home entertainment center, while taking up very little real estate. However, a well-designed surround sound speaker system is required to become completely immersed in a full 3-D audio-video experience. Surround speakers -- both wired and wireless -- have been available for years, but today’s homeowners and homebuilders are looking for a speaker system that can provide a top-notch surround sound experience without having to sacrifice aesthetics and space with large, obtrusive cabinet speakers.

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Ahead of its Time

Get the best of both worlds with the TIME (Theater In Motion Experience) series speakers from Speakercraft, an in-ceiling speaker system that works just like any standard speaker, but mounted inside the ceiling. When activated, these fully automated speakers spring to life like something out of a sci-fi movie -- automatically descending from the ceiling to preset angles of 15, 30, and 45 degrees and then disappearing back into the ceiling when you are done.

While other speakers have tweeters that can be angled for a more realistic sound, these motorized speakers can rotate 320 degrees to create the perfect sound stage for the ultimate home theater experience. Whether enjoying your favorite movie by yourself or cheering on your team with your buddies, the speakers will position themselves into the perfect preset sound scene so there will never be a bad seat in the house!


In Control

Speakercraft Time Controller

Learning Remotes


Controlling up to eight speakers, the SpeakerCraft Time Controller connects to the speakers via Cat. 5 cables and fits easily into your A/V rack. In addition to the included remote control, you can adjust speaker angles and rotation as well as create multiple speaker position presets with any learning remote, like the Sony Programmable LCD Touchscreen Remote.

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