St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas to Make 'em Green With Envy

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas to Make 'em Green With Envy

'Tis that time of year again, where young lads and lasses of all backgrounds don their green and claim Irish heritage, at least for one day. So if you're looking for cool St. Patrick's Day party ideas that won't cost you a pot 'o gold, Smarthome is the place!



It just wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without corned beef and cabbage. And now you can make sure your corned beef is cooked to perfection with the Cooking Fork With Integrated Thermometer. This cool cooking tool not only displays the meat temperature, you can even set it to beep when your corned beef reaches the optimum temperature.

One of the problems with being the cook is that you're stuck in the kitchen while everyone else mingles in the other room. But thanks to a little luck o' the Irish, you can keep an eye on the corned beef and rub elbows with other party guests with the Dual Probe Remote Meat Thermometer. This electronic cooking assistant will keep an eye on your corned beef while you rub elbows with your guests up to 100 feet away! Once the optimum meat temperature is reached, the wireless receiver you carry with you will let you know.



Thought a perfectly-tapped pint of beer was about as hard to find as a four-leaf clover? Think again! With the CO²-Powered Beer Tap System, perfectly-tapped beer or cider is incredibly easy. Its unique tap revolutionizes the way beer and soda is dispensed, combining portability, efficiency and preservation of the beverage without hand pumping or cumbersome gas equipment.

Of course not every St. Paddy's Day party guest will have beer. That's why it's a great idea to have other options for minors and non-drinkers, like green fruit smoothies. With our Smoothie Plus, you'll be able to make fresh, professional-quality smoothies all night long (as well as 364 other days a year).

Another favorite: Green Margaritas, something easily accomplished in any part of the house with the Rechargeable Blender. This handy tool can crank out gallons of perfectly-blended green margaritas or iced Irish coffee drinks on a single charge.





Whenever alcohol is involved, it's imperative that you and your party guests drink responsibly and that designated drivers are available. One way to make sure your party guests — and other drivers on the road — stay safe is to withhold their car keys until they pass the Pocket Breath Analyzer test. Note: This tool is not designed to replace good judgment. If you feel someone isn't fit to drive — even if the breath analyzer shows a blood alcohol level within your state's legal limit — do not allow them to drive.




Mood Lighting

A responsible party host won't let their party guests strain their Irish eyes looking at that overly bright lamp. But dimming that lamp is incredibly easy with the X10 Lighting Control Starter Kit. It includes everything you need to remotely dim and brighten any lamp. To control more lamps, simply add optional lamp modules (sold separately).

Ready for something a little more comprehensive than dimming a single light? Then how about dimming all the lights in the room with the Single Room Lighting Control Kit. This full-featured kit even allows "scene lighting" — the ability to adjust all the lamps and built-in light fixtures in the room with the press of a single button.



Sometimes the party guests don't stick to the room with the stereo. Fortunately, piping music into other rooms is easy with Advent Wireless Speakers. The included transmitter uses 900 MHz technology to send audio signals up to 300' through walls, ceilings, and floors. And you can expect powerful sound and excellent audio quality from these speakers that feature 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, a high-performance crossover network, and a high-powered 10 watt RMS per channel independent amplifier in each speaker.

The Sony 900MHz RF Wireless Speaker System works just like the Advent wireless speakers, but adds an integrated rechargeable battery for true portability without the need for batteries. Just one charge keeps the music running for 3.5 hours.



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