Road Trip Emergency Ready

Road Trip Emergency Ready

Be prepared for the open road by being ready for anything

Having a disaster kit in your car is just as important as having one for your home especially when taking a trip to a new destination. These are some great product ideas to help you start building a new disaster kit, just don’t forget a few gallons of water and some first-aid supplies.

  • Solar Phone Charger

    It is bad enough when your smartphone’s battery dies, but what happens when you are having car trouble and can’t charge your phone to call for help? The Wagan Tech Solar e Charger is your solution.

    Harness the power of the sun and store it within the battery to charge your devices anywhere any time. Pre charge the Solar eCharger from AC or DC power within 3 hours, or let the solar panels do the work and charge in 5-8 hours. This is great for emergencies, camping trips, or visiting rural areas where power is limited.

    Parts Required

    1. 1x - Wagan Tech Solar e Charger (SKU # 92788)

  • Hammer Tool

    Being the first person on the scene of a car accident or being a part of one is not something anyone is expecting. Don’t get caught in that situation – have a Sun-Mate Emergency Hammer ready. No car should be without a tool this versatile, because it could mean the difference between life and death.

    This 4-in-1 Emergency Hammer features a specially designed hammer tip that can deliver over 1,000 pounds of impact, shattering the toughest vehicle glass, a surgically sharp, recessed blade that’s angled for fast cutting of seat belts, a glow-in-the-dark luminous locator and on/off switch. Finally, a built-in emergency flashlight and red blinking LED light. This is must have item for every in car disaster kit.

    Parts Required

    1. 1x - Sun-Mate Corp 4 in 1 Emergency Hammer (SKU # 92851)

  • Jump, Pump, Charge & More

    What has a dead battery, flat spare tire, and is in the dark? Not you, if you have the RoadPro Emergency System. This 5-in-1 power station by RoadPro is a must have for everyone on the road.

    With this travel essential, you'll have the power to jumpstart a car, an air compressor, a 200 watt power inverter, a 12 volt power station, and LED work light - all in one compact unit. Designed to be used in harsh environments this Emergency System is contained in a heavy-duty, high-impact, rubberized housing. Be prepared for your own emergency or save the day for someone else.

    Parts Required

    1. 1x - RoadPro Emergency System (SKU # 91729)

  • Lighting

    Light is not always a luxury in an emergency situation, and holding a flashlight leaves you with only one hand to work with. The Striker FLEXiT Light is a versatile LED array of lights to bring visibility wherever it is needed. Powered by 3 included AA batteries, this flexible panel of bright lights enables you to work with two free hands and have ample light to see whatever task is at hand. Optionally, use so that you can be seen while changing a tire on the side of the road. Light up your path and be seen if you get lost in a search and rescue emergency. It can be attached to almost any metal surface using the built in magnets, and it is even flexible enough wrap around another object. Don’t get caught in the dark without light, be prepared.

    Parts Required

    1. 1x - Striker FLEXiT Light (SKU # 72097)


Be prepared for any situation by having all of these solutions available. Order as a kit and save!


Wagan Tech
Solar e Charger
Sun-Mate Corp
4-in-1 Emergency Hammer
Rechargeable Air Compressor/Jumpstart/
Emergency System
FLEXiT Light


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