Control Your Sprinkler System from Anywhere

Control Your Sprinkler System from Anywhere

Looking for an interesting way to move your sprinkler systems beyond simple on/off timers? In this project we are going to use Insteon to add more control over controlling sprinkler zones. We’ll be using the EZFlora from Smartenit and the ISY994i Home Automation Controller with Dual-Band PLM as a central controller.


Required Items

For this solution, you will need the following parts:

Refer to the diagram below to connect your irrigation system to the EZFlora:

  1. Use a 24V AC Power Supply / Transformer to power your irrigation valves. Ensure that connections to power are made indoors or in weather proof enclosures.
  2. Up to 8 zones can be connected to the EZFlora.
  3. Connect the common wires from your irrigation valves all together, or in two separate bunches with one lead to the EZFlora per bunch.


Optional Items

If you don't already have valves or are looking to replace the old valves in your irrigation system, check out our selection of high quality valves. See all valves >>

In lieu of the EZFlora you can also use an INSTEON I/O Linc per zone you want to control.

Make sure you integrate a Rain Sensor to make sure your sprinklers don’t turn on when it's raining.


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