How to Set Up Automated Pet Feeding

How to Set Up Automated Pet Feeding

Whether you are working late or on vacation, you won't have to worry about your precious pet not getting fed. Use INSTEON technology to make sure your best friend is consistently getting the nourishment he needs while you're away!

Required Products:

HouseLinc 2 -
INSTEON Desktop Software


Pet Autofeeder


Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Connect the power adapter of the Pet Autofeeder to an ApplianceLinc
  2. ink the ApplianceLinc to the PowerLinc
  3. Using the intuitive HouseLinc 2 Desktop software, you can have the Autofeeder dispense food multiple times during the day, catering to the dietary needs and habits of your pet

Note: HouseLinc 2 offers the flexibility to control feeding down to the second, minute, and even day of the week.

More Control

For even more control, link any INSTEON-compatible controller and use it to have the Autofeeder dispense a quick snack for Fido. Use Houselinc 2 Desktop software to set up the controller to start dropping food and then stop 15 seconds later. Quickly give your pet a treat anytime you want!

Product Sku Price
HouseLinc 2 - INSTEON Desktop Software 2412UH $159.99
INSTEON ApplianceLinc 2456S3 $34.99
Large Pet Autofeeder 6184 $138.99



You can also train your pets to be self-sufficient while you're away as well as other ways to train them and remove unwanted pests.

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