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  1. Insteon Open/Close Sensor

    ITEM #2843-222
    Insteon's wireless open/close sensor can attach to any door and window and is the best way to upgrade your home security system. Get your own today!
  2. Insteon and Smarthome bring you a modern open door detector. The hidden door sensor wirelessly notifies you which door has been left open, for your safety!
  3. Get a great value and keep track of when doors and windows open or close in your home with this Wireless Sensor Multipack.


    List Price: $139.96

    Your Savings: $27.99

  4. Protect your doors and windows against intrusion with this reliable, tamper resistant magnetic Door Contact Sensor.


    List Price: $38.00

    Your Savings: $12.02

  5. Upgrade your home security system to detect potential intruders with this Wireless Door And Window Sensor system.


    List Price: $64.99

    Your Savings: $11.05

  6. Use this Magnetic Door Contact switch which allows you to monitor doors, windows, and sliding doors as a basic building block for your alarm system.


    List Price: $2.99

    Your Savings: $1.40

  7. Mount this magnetic Garage Door Contact on large, loose-fitting doors and gates to augment your security system.


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $4.93

  8. Elk ELK-6021 Two-Way Wireless Mini Window Sensors work with your Elk home security system to reliably detect intruders. Protect your home or business.


    List Price: $60.76

    Your Savings: $10.69

  9. Install these Door And Window Sensors to get instant notification on your smartphone when a door or window is opened or closed.


    List Price: $19.95

    Your Savings: $1.81

  10. These wireless iSmartAlarm Door and Window Sensors (2-Pack) monitor the opening and closing of doors, windows, pool gates and other vulnerable areas.
  11. Mount this Magnetic Contact Switch to enhance your home security and remotely trigger lights or appliances when your garage door opens.


    List Price: $21.99

    Your Savings: $4.70

  12. Hide your alarm system from prying eyes with this Invisible Magnetic Contact system which is ideal for windows and sliding glass doors.


    List Price: $3.99

    Your Savings: $2.38

  13. Integrate this Door Contacts Sensor system into any normally open location in your security setup for enhanced protection.


    List Price: $5.99

    Your Savings: $3.15

  14. Eve Door & Window understands whether your door or window is open or closed. See the current state, and view statistics on time/duration. It is Apple HomeKit enabled, and connects to your iPhone/ iPad via Bluetooth - no hub, gateway or bridge required.
  15. Install this wireless Concealed Window Sensor to enhance your home security without altering the aesthetics of your room or window treatments.


    List Price: $32.99

    Your Savings: $5.60

  16. The Door Sensor Pro is the best door and window sensor on the market, with unparalleled features such as a built-in 3 color LED range indicator, a 10-year battery life, S1 encryption, and 1/4 inch wide magnet.


    List Price: $34.99

    Your Savings: $9.73

  17. The SECO-LARM door contact sensor (10-pack) sends an alert when normally open locations are opened. This 10 pack lets you monitor multiple areas.


    List Price: $59.90

    Your Savings: $29.31

  18. Keep tabs on your garage door from anywhere in your house with this easy to set up, expandable Wireless Garage Door Sensor kit.


    List Price: $32.29

    Your Savings: $8.53

  19. The compact iON security window sensor for GE wireless systems is easy to install and works with wood, vinyl and aluminum window frames.


    List Price: $29.95

    Your Savings: $2.56

  20. FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled contact sensor using Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology
  21. Protect your family and secure your home's doors and entrances from intruders with this Wireless Security Door Sensor.


    List Price: $85.72

    Your Savings: $11.13

  22. The SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor is wireless, simple to install, and easy to connect to your SmartThings Hub
  23. Use this conveniently concealed, easy to install and configure Door Sensor with your GE wireless receivers for enhanced home security.


    List Price: $29.95

    Your Savings: $2.56

  24. Get added protection for doors, windows, and other entryways and openings with these versatile Burglar Security Magnetic Contacts.


    List Price: $3.40

    Your Savings: $1.43

  25. This advanced Visonic wireless glass break sensor features next generation glass-breaking detection technology to keep you and your family safe.


    List Price: $139.99

    Your Savings: $45.12

  26. Install this hassle free Door Contact Sensor in areas with limited space in the frame to monitor doors, windows, and sliding doors.


    List Price: $3.45

    Your Savings: $0.97

  27. Increase your home security with this garage door Access Control Sensor to immediately find out if your garage door had been opened or closed.
    $34.95 Click for price
  28. Get optimum security performance for your windows, doors, and other open/close applications with this reliable Screw In Magnetic Window Sensor.


    List Price: $8.25

    Your Savings: $2.21

  29. No longer wonder whether or not you left the garage door open - just check the status with this Skylink Connected Home Wireless Garage Sensor.


    List Price: $19.95

    Your Savings: $1.81

  30. Install this nearly unnoticeable Recessed Wireless Sensor to secure entryways, drawers and cabinets, or anything else that opens and closes.


    List Price: $78.54

    Your Savings: $26.32

  31. HS-DS100+ is a Z-Wave Plus door / window sensor that's designed to send Z-Wave commands when doors or windows are opened or closed. HS-DS100+ may be associated directly to other Z-wave devices (such as light switches) or it may report to smart hubs and controllers for use in automated events.


    List Price: $29.95

    Your Savings: $0.01

  32. FIBARO Door/Window Sensor 2 is a wireless, battery powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible magnetic contact sensor. Changing the device’s status will automatically send signal to the Z-Wave controller and associated devices.


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $0.05

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