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  1. Insteon Water Leak Sensor

    ITEM #2852-222
    Monitor and protect your home from water leaks, with Insteon's water leak sensors! Home protection does not have to be a hassle, just shop with Smarthome!
  2. Insteon Open/Close Sensor

    ITEM #2843-222
    Insteon's wireless open/close sensor can attach to any door and window and is the best way to upgrade your home security system. Get your own today!
  3. Insteon Motion Sensor II

    ITEM #2844-222
    improved wireless motion sensor makes activating lights, appliances and scenes based on movement easier and more reliable than ever
  4. Embrace the future of home monitoring systems today with Insteon's low voltage / contact closure interface! Keep your home secure with ease, order now!
  5. Insteon and Smarthome bring you a modern open door detector. The hidden door sensor wirelessly notifies you which door has been left open, for your safety!
  6. Get a great value with this Water Leak Sensor Multipack, avoid property damage from leaks and burst pipes, and get leak alerts via texts or emails.


    List Price: $209.94

    Your Savings: $52.48

  7. Get a great value and keep track of when doors and windows open or close in your home with this Wireless Sensor Multipack.


    List Price: $139.96

    Your Savings: $27.99

  8. Keep your home at the perfect temperature with a wireless thermostat from Insteon! It communicates over wifi, so you can operate your system remotely.


    List Price: $79.99

    Your Savings: $40.00

  9. Choose this Water Leak Sensor Bundle to protect multiple locations from property damage from frozen or burst pipes.


    List Price: $139.96

    Your Savings: $27.99

  10. Protect your family with this smoke and Carbon Monoxide Voice Alarm which speaks the type and location of danger in your home.


    List Price: $99.99

    Your Savings: $30.04

  11. Keep your home secure with Insteon's smart smoke bridge! This is the future in emergency systems. Easily detect smoke and carbon monoxide levels!


    List Price: $34.99

    Your Savings: $15.00

  12. Install this versatile expandable Freeze Protection Control Center to protect your pool or spa equipment and plumbing from freeze damage.
  13. Select this Water Leak Sensor Pack to protect two locations from damage from leaks or burst pipes.


    List Price: $69.98

    Your Savings: $7.00

  14. Place this Water Leak Alert anywhere leaks may occur to protect your home from potentially costly water damage.


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $5.00

  15. Provide both automation and protection for your pool and spa equipment and plumbing and pipes with this Automatic Freeze Protection Timer.


    List Price: $197.07

    Your Savings: $20.92

  16. Reliably monitor the temperature and humidity in critical areas like server rooms and equipment closets with this Home Temperature Sensor.


    List Price: $159.99

    Your Savings: $15.87

  17. Protect your family and monitor gates or other entries to your pool area with this Magnetic Lock sensor alarm system.


    List Price: $29.99

    Your Savings: $8.01

  18. Include this wireless integrated First Alert Smoke Alarm to build a network of interconnected alarms in your home.


    List Price: $75.99

    Your Savings: $19.23

  19. Protect your doors and windows against intrusion with this reliable, tamper resistant magnetic Door Contact Sensor.


    List Price: $38.00

    Your Savings: $12.02

  20. Count on the Elk Products smart smoke detector to respond immediately with a loud siren so you and loved ones can evacuate your home quickly and safely.


    List Price: $141.00

    Your Savings: $12.50

  21. Upgrade your your security or automation system in a big way with this small, virtually unnoticeable Home Security Motion Sensor.


    List Price: $74.99

    Your Savings: $19.72

  22. Upgrade your home security system to detect potential intruders with this Wireless Door And Window Sensor system.


    List Price: $64.99

    Your Savings: $11.05

  23. Prevent water damage and avoid expensive home repairs with this easy-to-install water heater FloodStop Shutoff Valve.


    List Price: $168.00

    Your Savings: $8.06

  24. Enhance your peace of mind and get alerted of a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency with this dependable Hardwired App Compatible Smoke Alarm.
  25. Use this Magnetic Door Contact switch which allows you to monitor doors, windows, and sliding doors as a basic building block for your alarm system.


    List Price: $2.99

    Your Savings: $1.40

  26. Z-Wave enabled battery operated photoelectric smoke/CO combo alarm. Combo alarms protect against two deadly threats, smoke and carbon monoxide.


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $11.05

  27. The Elk PIR motion sensor with pet immunity for animals up to 40 lbs detects movement of infrared energy across your pre-selected range of coverage.


    List Price: $127.07

    Your Savings: $6.37

  28. Keep your property safe from vandalism with Perimeter Sensors that use photoelectric beams to span an area of 50 feet indoors or 25 feet outdoors.


    List Price: $129.99

    Your Savings: $32.85

  29. Install this Freeze Protection Control Switch to prevent frozen water from damaging pool or spa equipment and plumbing.
  30. Install this versatile waterproof and rustproof 360-Degree Motion Sensor indoors or outdoors to enhance your home or office security.


    List Price: $127.99

    Your Savings: $8.60

  31. The Optex infrared motion sensor outdoor dual PIR detector saves you the headache of false alarms caused by pets.


    List Price: $128.00

    Your Savings: $41.51

  32. Mount this magnetic Garage Door Contact on large, loose-fitting doors and gates to augment your security system.


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $4.93

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