Sensaphone FGD-0049-B 110VAC Smoke Detector with Battery Backup

Receive an Instant Alert When Smoke is Present
  • Works with Sensaphone 400, 800 and Web600 controllers
  • Sensaphone Contact Series sensor
  • Powered via 110VAC hardwired connection
  • Features 9-Volt back-up battery option in case of power outage (9V battery included)
  • Sends an alarm trigger when smoke is detected
  • Multiple smoke detectors can be wired in series to a single input
  • Must be hardwired to a Sensaphone controller


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  • The Sensaphone FGD-0049-B 110VAC Smoke Detector enables you to remotely receive notification when smoke has been sensed on your property via a Sensaphone 400, 800 or Web600 remote monitoring system controller. It will send a signal back to the Sensaphone controller when smoke has been sensed. The Sensaphone controller can then be programmed to immediately send a notification out so you can know the instant there is smoke and possible fire. The Sensaphone FGD-0049-B 110VAC Smoke Detector is powered by a hard wired 110V AC connection; you can install a 9-volt battery for backup power in case of an outage. This smoke detector has a built-in 90dB solid-state Piezo sounder for loud local alert when it senses smoke on the premises. The smoke detector can be mounted on a single-gang, double-gang, or four-inch square box. Installation requires the use of a hardwired connection to a Sensaphone controller, and it can be wired for a single detector or multiple detector application.

    Wiring for connecting this sensor to a Sensaphone controller is sold separately. For one-off sensor applications 20 feet or shorter consider using a 20 foot length of 2 Conductor, 22-Gauge/AWG Interconnect Wire or if you are using multiple sensors it may be more effective to by a 1,000 foot spool of 2 Conductor, 22-Gauge/AWG Interconnect Wire.

    How it Works

    The smoke detector operates on the photoelectric light scatter principle. The unit's sensing chamber houses a light source and a light sensor. The darkened sensing chamber is exposed to the atmosphere and designed to permit optimum smoke entry from any direction while rejecting light from outside the smoke alarm. The light source is an infrared (invisible) LED which pulses every 8 seconds. The light sensor is a photodiode matched to the light frequency of the LED light source. Under normal conditions, the light generated by the pulsing infrared LED is not seen by the light sensor, as it is positioned out of the direct path of the light beam. When smoke enters the sensing chamber, light from the pulsing LED light source is reflected by the smoke particles onto the photodiode light sensor. At the first sighting of smoke, the device is put into a pre-alarm mode. This is indicated by a rapidly flashing LED on the face of the smoke alarm. Once the light sensor confirms smoke for 2 consecutive pulses inside the chamber, the light sensor produces the signal necessary to trigger the alarm and sound the electronic horn. This technique of verifying the smoke condition, combined with a 5-to-1 signal-to-noise ratio, substantially reduces the possibility of nuisance alarms.

  •  Specifications

     Brand  Sensaphone
     Manufacturer Part #  Sensaphone - FGD-0049-B, Gentex 9000 Series
     Sensor Series  Contact Series
     Connection  Hardwired
     Power  110VAC hardwired connection; 9V DC battery backup (9V battery included)
     Audible Alarm  90dB solid-state Piezo sounder
     Relays  2 Form A/Form C contacts
     Housing  Plastic
     Operating Temperature  40° F to 100° F (4° C to 37° C)
     Dimensions  6.5” diameter x 2.6” (72mm diameter x 40mm)
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  • •  Owner's Manual
  • •  1x - Smoke detector
    •  1x - Mounting template
    •  1x - Wire connector
    •  1x - Mounting plate
    •  1x - 9V battery
    •  1x - Wiring diagram
    •  1x - Instructions

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