SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE Wireless Smart Home Security System, Economy

SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE Wireless Smart Home Security System, Economy

Easy-to-Use, Cost-Effective DIY Wireless Intruder Security System
  • Completely wireless communication between all components
  • Supports up to 60 wireless sensors
  • Supports up to 5 phone numbers for auto alarm call and 1 management center protocol (CID)
  • Armed/disarmed by remote controller, phone call, or host



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  • The SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE is a wireless LED touchpad security alarm system kit for your home or business. It offers a user-friendly, easy to use group of products that are perfect for protection at a minimum investment cost. This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) alarm system does not require monthly fees, which is a key benefit for users. The system will alert you by phone calls through a series of enlisted phone numbers. You can then dial into the host to arm or disarm the system using your phone's numeric keypad. Main Components include: 1 LED touch keypad (host), 1 Wide-Angle PIR Motion Sensor, 1 Magnetic Door/Window Sensor, 2 Remote Controls, and 1 Warning Sign

    The Air-AlarmIIE includes the main controller/keypad interface, a motion sensor and a door/window sensor. It can be upgraded by adding up to a total 60 sensors (15 wireless defense zones and 4 wireless sensors per zone), providing more than enough security for any average home, apartment or business. All the sensors can be smartly deployed into three defense lines: 24hr Defense Line (i.e. emergency panic buttons and smoke sensors), 1st Defense Line (i.e. door/window sensors), and 2nd Defense Line (i.e. PIR motions sensors in living rooms, bed rooms, and hallways). Therefore, you can arm or disarm all or just a group of sensors depending on whether you are at home/business or not.

    With its wireless technology, anyone can install the Air-AlarmIIE easily in minutes. Running wire cables around your home/business and the assistance of a professional installer is no longer required. Simply plug in the power adapters, install the batteries, mount all the components at desired locations, connect the phone line, input phone number(s) and you are ready to go. The phone line (land line) connection is not required if the alarm call feature is not needed*. The main host also includes a backup rechargeable battery (up to 16 hrs) in case of power outage and can easily be armed or disarmed by remote controller, telephone, or main host keypad.

    * An optional GSM dialer will be available later for households with no phone line.

    Additional Features
    • Transmit at 430-433MHz frequency band, wireless transmitting distance up to 300 feet (doorbell, remote controller, siren) and up to 450 feet (magnetic smart door/window sensor & PIR motion sensor)
    • Easy 'one-key' armed/disarmed operation
    • Recordable alarm voice message (up to 10 seconds record time)
    • Telephone line disconnection alarm sounds every 5 seconds
    • Rechargeable doorbell battery lasts up to 3 years
    • Smart alert and zone notification when attempting to arm the host with an open door or window
    • Batteries included for remote controllers, wireless door sensor, and wireless motion sensor last up to 2 years
    • Programmable password.
    • Compatible with Ademco CID protocol
    • Supports multiple control panels (pairing each sensor/remote/siren to multiple control panels)

    SecurityMan Comaptible Alarm System Accessories
    Wireless Panic Button (SM-89)
    Wireless Smoke Sensor (SM-93)
    Wireless Smart Magnetic Door/Window Sensor (SM-87L)
    Wireless Indoor Siren (SM-103W)
    Wireless Remote Controller (SM-88X)
    Wireless Doorbell Button (SM-82)
    Wireless Wide-Angle PIR Motion sensor (SM-80)
    Wireless Outdoor Siren (SM-103)
    • Quad-Band GSM Dialer (SM-GSMDialer)

    1. An active phone line is NOT required for the alarm system to work. However, for the dialing features to work, an active phone line (LAND line) is required.
    2. Fully compatible with Vonage VoIP model VDV22-VD. Not compatible with other digtial phone service (VoIP; voice over ip) such as MagicJack, ComCast, Fios, etc.

  • General Specifications
    Manufacturer SecurityMan
    Manufacturer Product No. Air-AlarmIIE
    UPC 701107900506
    Alarm Host
    Manufacturer Product No. SM-8088T
    Operating Power 9-15VDC
    Static Current 50mA
    Alarm Current 500mA
    Operating Environment
    • Temperature: -10° ~ 50°
    • Humidity: < 80%Specification
    Maximum Remote Controllers that can be Programmed 10
    Maximum Wireless Sensors that can be Programmed 60
    Dimensions 150mm x 107mm x 26mm
    Rechargeable Battery 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion (Standby: 16hrs, charge time: 12hrs)
    Speaker Siren 100dB (built-in)
    Hosts Allowed to use multiple hosts in a location. All the sensors/remotes/sirens need to be paired to all hosts
    Wireless Remote Controller
    Manufacturer Product No. SM-88X
    Operating Power 27A 12V alkaline battery
    Wireless Transmitting Distance 300 feet (in open area)
    Service Life Up to 2 years
    Buttons Buttons of ARM, Partial ARM (in home), and Emergency/Panic button
    Wireless Smart Door/Window Sensor
    Manufacturer Product No. SM-87L
    Entry/Exit Notification Smart entry and exit notification whenever a door or window is opened or closed
    Alert/Zone Notification Smart alert and zone notification when attempting to arm the host with an open door or window
    Operating Power 23A 12V alkaline battery
    Wireless Transmitting Distance 450 feet (in open area)
    Service Life Up to 2 years
    Alarm Distance < 4cm
    • Host LED light flashes when door is open
    • Host chirps when door is open and closed (when disarm mode)
    Wireless Wide-Angle PIR Motion Sensor
    Manufacturer Product No. SM-80
    Operating Power 9V battery
    Wireless Transmitting Distance 450 feet (in open area)
    Service life Up to 2 years
    Detecting Area 100° 10m x 10m (33 feet x33 feet)
    Immunity Immune to pets up to 10 kg (22 lbs)

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    • 1x - Air-Alarm II host with LED touch keypad
    • 1x - Host Anchor Card for Fixed Position
    • 1x - 12VDC Power Adapter
    • 1x - Wireless Wide-Angle PIR Motion Sensor
    • 1x - Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Sensor (with mount)
    • 2x - Wireless Remote Controller
    • 1x - Phone Cable
    • 1x - USB Charging Cable
    • 1x - Warning Sign

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