SecurityHawk SH-SH-8SSB Security/Surveillance Package 1

SecurityHawk SH-SH-8SSB Security/Surveillance Package 1

A Complete Starter Solution for Remote Environmental and Security Monitoring
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Remote Web Access
  • SNMP traps, E-mail, SMS, MMS, telephone calls, audio alerts and much more
  • Includes 8 Port Base Unit,Pan/Tilt Camera and Temperature/Humidity Sensor


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  • The SecurityHawk SH-SH-8SSB Security/Surveillance Package includes everything you need, just plug the device into your computer and you're ready to start monitoring.

    The SecurityHawk 5E base unit (included) is a complete environmental and security monitoring solution for your enterprise resources. SecurityHawk 5E has an embedded Linux Operating System. Accessible through it's own web interface means there is no software to install on your PC. Setup is very simple, once the IP address is configured to match your network, all features and settings are accessible through the web interface which is available in several languages.
    • Full SNMP v3 compliance
    • 8 Intelligent sensor ports
    • Supports up to 4 external cameras
    • Compatible with all of SecurityHawk's intelligent sensors
    • Modbus Master/Slave function
    • Extendable functionality using SecurityHawk 8 or SecurityHawk 16 expansion modules
    • Internal web server including https (SSL), Bash, Perl, vi, Telnet, PHP and Nagios support
    • 1U rack mountable

    • A wide range of existing digital cameras can be plugged into the BNC connectors on the rear of the unit. This allows easy integration with existing CCTV, or even sophisticated night vision cameras. Enviromon also provides Pan Tilt dome cameras (1 included) and Universal Mount Cameras that are fully supported by the SecurityHawk 5E.
    • PAL and NTSC supported (note. all cameras must use same Video Broadcasting Standard)
    • Internal PTZ controller supports industry standard Pelco d. protocol
    • Live video feed at up to 30fps in max 640°480 resolution
    • Video conferencing ability using built in or external speaker and microphone

    • 8 Intelligent Sensor Ports
      Being compatible with every one of Enviromon's intelligent sensors (1 Temperature/Humidity Sensor included) gives access to a wide range of conditions that can be monitored. Sensors can be connected in any combination. If you require more than 8 sensors you may opt to add an SecurityHawk 8 expansion module that will give additional 8x intelligent sensor ports. Several of these can be combined to give up to 600 sensor points on one SecurityHawk 5E.
    • Integrated graphing function records all your sensor data for analysis
    • Supports 8 dual temperature and humidity sensors giving a maximum of 16 data points on one unit (8x temp and 8x hum)
    • Autosense 'Plug and Play' feature automatically configures your sensor

    • Rich Notification Suite
      Instantly be notified of a sensors change in status using one of the many notification options available. Alert messages are customizable and can include pictures of the event. Up to 2 pre-event images, and 16 post event images can be captured with a customizable interval between each image. A battery-backed time of day clock ensures time stamps are correct for accurate record keeping.
    • Receive SNMP traps, E-mail, SMS, MMS, telephone calls, audio alerts and much more, based on a sensors status
    • A simple notification wizard aids in the easy setup of required notifications
    • Escalation function can upgrade an alert to the next level if left unattended
    • Safely shutdown your Linux or Windows based servers during a power outage before your UPS backup runs out.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer NetMon / Enviromon / SecurityHawk
    Manufacturer Product No. SH-SH-8SSB
    UPC 713757527736

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    • 1x - SecurityHawk 5E 8 Port Base Unit
    • 1x - Pan Tilt Dome Camera
    • 1x - Temperature/Humidity Sensor

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