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  1. Put the power to arm and disarm your home security system in the palm of your hand with this handy programmable Keyfob Remote.


    List Price: $59.99

    Your Savings: $20.01

  2. Use this Serial Ribbon Cable to connect alarm and security system components and accessories to your automated control panels.
  3. Control door openers, alarms, and lighting while preventing code-grabbers and scanners from stealing your data with this Smart Home RF Receiver.


    List Price: $33.89

    Your Savings: $4.24

  4. Use this ergonomically designed Hand-Held Wireless Transmitter to operate your supervised alarm and remote control systems.


    List Price: $52.42

    Your Savings: $16.02

  5. Install this swivel Corner Mount PIR Bracket as a universal solution to mount passive infrared motion sensors.


    List Price: $11.99

    Your Savings: $1.24

  6. Use this handy One-Button Keychain Remote to control and operate many of your home's systems, amenities, and devices.


    List Price: $40.00

    Your Savings: $25.30

  7. Use this Heavy Duty 24V Power Supply which features an auto reset fuse to power thermostats, HVAC systems, irrigation and sprinkler systems, and more.
  8. The Elk 14-inch structured wiring panel features a universal design that centralizes telephone, computer and security wiring.
  9. When connected to power via this USB connection, the Insteon motion sensor will never need battery replacement and the sensor doubles as an RF repeater – adding more range to your Insteon network
  10. Look to the Honeywell 8ft water leak alarm cable extension when you need to expand your Honeywell water defense water alarm system.


    List Price: $24.99

    Your Savings: $0.01

  11. With the Elk security databus hub you can manage up to 9 connections in your M1 Gold or M1 control panel.
  12. With one button, this SkylinkHome remote control can close the drapes, turn on the lights, open the door, turn on the stereo, and more.


    List Price: $12.37

    Your Savings: $2.08

  13. Use this Delay Timer Relay to provide an economical and flexible solution for your timed home automation applications.
  14. Use this handy Wireless Pendant Alarm Transmitter to activate your home security system's alarm at the press of a button.


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $13.59

  15. The Wired 1-Button Triggered Transmitter sends signals to a receiver up to 500 feet away when triggered by a normally open contact closure.


    List Price: $19.99

    Your Savings: $7.21

  16. The Skylink Connected Home Wireless Keychain Remote Wireless is an add-on to the SkylinkNet Connected Home Alarm System Starter Kit.


    List Price: $19.95

    Your Savings: $1.81

  17. Scare away burglars and instantly identify your home to the police with this powerful and bright Security Strobe Light.


    List Price: $19.99

    Your Savings: $5.88

  18. The ELK-912B is a heavy duty relay module featuring 12 or 24 VDC selectable operation, SPDT Form "C" contacts, low current draw, voltage input LED, and high quality cross-head terminals.
  19. With the ELK 912B-6 Heavy-Duty Relay Board, you can control high current draw devices such as sprinkler valves, electric dampers, etc. 6-piece set.
  20. Honeywell Smart Home Security Key Fob provides a one-click means of controlling your Smart Home Security System.
  21. Add Ring Alarm Z-Wave+ Extenders throughout your home to extend the signal from your Alarm Base Station to all its components, so you can make sure your entire system stays online.
  22. Nest Tag

    ITEM# 11090
    Just tag in and out on Nest Guard. Put one on your keychain. Give one to people you trust. Set a schedule to let people in at certain times, like your dog walker. It’s water resistant and drop-proof. And don’t worry if you lose one – you can easily disable it in the Nest app. Requires a Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.
  23. ELK SM21 Replacement Sensor Magnet for 6021 (10 Pack)
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