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  1. Get a great value and keep track of when doors and windows open or close in your home with this Wireless Sensor Multipack.


    List Price: $139.96

    Your Savings: $27.99

  2. Choose this Water Leak Sensor Bundle to protect multiple locations from property damage from frozen or burst pipes.


    List Price: $139.96

    Your Savings: $27.99

  3. Reliably monitor the temperature and humidity in critical areas like server rooms and equipment closets with this Home Temperature Sensor.


    List Price: $159.99

    Your Savings: $15.87

  4. Count on the Elk Products smart smoke detector to respond immediately with a loud siren so you and loved ones can evacuate your home quickly and safely.


    List Price: $141.00

    Your Savings: $12.50

  5. The Elk PIR motion sensor with pet immunity for animals up to 40 lbs detects movement of infrared energy across your pre-selected range of coverage.


    List Price: $127.07

    Your Savings: $6.37

  6. With the Elk Security 16-zone input expander board you can update your automated M1 security systems with an additional 16 zones.
  7. Select this Elk Security LCD keypad which features 4 programmable function keys for versatile control of your security and automation systems.
  8. Install this versatile waterproof and rustproof 360-Degree Motion Sensor indoors or outdoors to enhance your home or office security.
  9. Install this convenient starter kit to remotely access and control your Connected Home Security system using your smartphone.
  10. The United Security Products single channel auto voice dialer notifies you the minute something goes wrong. Ideal for home security notifications.


    List Price: $223.85

    Your Savings: $106.67

  11. Monitor your home, driveway, doors, business, warehouse, and more with this Home Perimeter Security detector which can transmit alerts 2,000 feet.


    List Price: $165.00

    Your Savings: $57.06

  12. Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, smoldering fires, and carbon monoxide. It also speaks up when there’s a problem, can be hushed from your phone, and it will even message your phone in case you’re not home.
  13. With the ELK Security Wireless Glass Break Sensor you can stop burglars in their tracks. Works with all ELK security products for ultimate home protection.


    List Price: $125.00

    Your Savings: $7.93

  14. The Elk 2-way wireless motion sensor detects motion from up to 50 feet and works with Elk M1 controllers and transceivers.


    List Price: $114.21

    Your Savings: $5.71

  15. Install this Home Perimeter Security curtain motion sensor system in areas where space is limited to help prevent vandalism or criminal activity.


    List Price: $159.99

    Your Savings: $36.29

  16. Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, smoldering fires, and carbon monoxide. It also speaks up when there’s a problem, can be hushed from your phone, and it will even message your phone in case you’re not home.
  17. The Elk Security M1KPAS LED arming station arms and disarms your ELK M1 security systems and comes in a slim design that won’t take up wall space.


    List Price: $129.99

    Your Savings: $28.67

  18. House and organize centralized wiring for CATV, telephone, computer networks, security systems, and more with this Structured Wiring Panel
  19. Heighten security around your home or business with this Wireless Outdoor Siren which produces a strong alarm noise and emits a flashing light.


    List Price: $175.00

    Your Savings: $29.18

  20. The wireless receiver and input expander can add up to 144 zones to your system.
  21. WebControl offers powerful capabilities including simultaneous monitoring of digital/analog sensor signals, temperature/humidity sensors, and TTL output status.


    List Price: $128.57

    Your Savings: $9.64

  22. Expand the capabilities of your automation systems and keep track of temperatures indoors and outdoors with this Remote Temperature Interface.
  23. Add lighting and temperature control and serial port connectivity to your security and automated systems with this Automation Expander Interface.
  24. Get the performance of hardwired security systems and the expandability of wireless technology with this Home Monitoring Alarm Kit.


    List Price: $159.99

    Your Savings: $52.99

  25. Get alerted to water leaks before they become a problem with the Winland Electronics WB-350 Waterbug battery-powered water leak sensor.


    List Price: $128.02

    Your Savings: $25.03

  26. Allow the Indoor MotionViewer to extend your system so you can keep an eye on more rooms in the house. It's unique; totally wireless and battery powered so you can put it virtually anywhere.
  27. The M1XRFTW two-way wireless transceiver allows an ELK-M1 or ELK-M1EZ8 control to accept Elk’s complete line of two-way wireless sensors.
  28. United Security Products auto pager secure monitoring system automatically places a call with your pre-programmed messages. Ideal for home or business.


    List Price: $279.85

    Your Savings: $132.75

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