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Secure Ordering

Orders placed at are secure.

Typical communications across the Internet using web browsers are not normally encrypted. In theory this means that someone with the technical knowledge and hardware to capture data could potentially read communications that you send or receive. The Smarthome web servers are equipped with industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption technology that enables anyone using an SSL-compatible browser (such as Internet Explorer, America On-Line or Netscape Navigator or Communicator) to send and receive data from our server in encrypted form.

For the security of the information you share with SMARTHOME™ all our Internet hardware is maintained in secure computer rooms which are only accessible to authorized SMARTHOME™ employees.

When you click on "check out" our server will automatically transfer you into secure mode if it is supported by your browser. Most browsers give an indication that you have a secure connection by showing a closed lock in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. In all cases, the displayed URL will show https instead of http.

If you get an error when you try to enter secure mode, it may be that you have an incompatible browser, or you are behind a firewall that does not support encrypted transmissions. (You may need to contact your ISP or system administrator to resolve these problems.) Please feel free to place your order via our toll-free order line (open 24 hours) at 800-SMARTHOME (800-762-7846).

Verisign Authenticated

Verisign is an independent, 3rd party company engaged in the development of digital trust. Verisign provides authentication of internet services, digital identity and intellectual property. By clicking on the Verisign logo below, the Verisign website will serve up a web page which confirms that SMARTHOME™ is "Verisign Authenticated".

Customer Comment


Thank you very much for your quick attention to this! I really appreciate good customer service, and in this case I believe you've done extremely well. The replacement arrived today, in good shape. Thank you again for taking care of this so quickly. I'll definitely be keeping SmartHome on my list of preferred sources on the internet.

Jonathan K. - Cypress, CA

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