SECO-LARM EVT-PB1-V1TGQ Passive Video Balun Ground Loop Isolator

SECO-LARM EVT-PB1-V1TGQ Passive Video Balun Ground Loop Isolator

Reduce Interference Caused by Ground Loops on Your CCTV Signal Lines
  • Transmits a video signal up to 980 feet (300m).
  • Built-in ground loop isolation.
  • Built-in surge protector.
  • Gold-plated BNC connector improves reliability and life.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Passive operation



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  • The new EVT-PB1-V1TGQ video balun with ground-loop isolator provides an inexpensive, flexible solution for dealing with ground loops on CCTV signal lines.

    The EVT-PB1-V1TGQ is a Passive Video Balun with Ground Loop Isolator. A Passive Video Balun allows a CCTV camera's video signal to be transmitted over low-cost CAT5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable instead of costly coax cable. Suitable for full-motion color and monochrome cameras, they provide a quick, low-cost way to connect CCTV cameras to a monitor, multiplexer, or video recorder at up to 980 feet away.

    Video ground loop isolators are passive devices that help to reduce ground loop interference caused by multiple building grounds and differences in ground potential. Ground loop isolators can be installed in new installations or added to existing installations. Video ground loop isolators should be installed on the camera side of your cable.
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