SECO-LARM E-9660-8B25 ENFORCER Curtain IR Motion Sensor, 8 Beams - Black

SECO-LARM ENFORCER IR Curtain Sensors for Indoor/Outdoor Access Control, 8 Beams - Black

Protect your Property from Criminals and Vandals with a Curtain-style Security Sensor
  • Eight (8) photoelectric beam sensors monitor possible entryways to your property
  • Beams can span a 50 foot indoor range, 25 foot outdoor range
  • LED alignment makes installation quick and easy
  • Built-in Normally Open and Normally Closed relay output

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  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor perimeter security, the Enforcer Curtain / Barrier Sensor can monitor entire windows, doorways and/or skylights. There are eight (8) photoelectric beams that can be used over a span of up to 50 feet indoors or 25 feet outdoors. The trigger is programmable for recognizing the simultaneous breaking of any single or two adjacent beams. The design features rugged aluminum construction, and an anti-tamper circuit for triggering an alarm if power is cut or the end cap is removed. These infrared photobeam curtain/barrier sensors are perfect for installation in windows, doorways, skylights, fence tops or any place where space is limited. No synchronizing wires are required and the LED alignment indicator makes installation easy. L-brackets and mounting hardware are included. There is a normally open (N.O) and a normally closed (N.C.) relay output that can be used to communicate with your security system. These sensors are ideal for monitoring any possible entry point to your property, and because they are weatherproof, they are the ideal choice for almost any indoor or outdoor application.

    The Curtain IR Sensor is also available in:

    Connecting Multiple Curtain Sensors
    Several units can be connected together in parallel to the same power supply output and alarm input of an alarm control panel.

    Tamper Protection
    The receiver and the transmitter both have a tamper switch on one end to protect against someone attempting to open the unit. However, there is no separate tamper output to the alarm control panel. Instead, the alarm output is triggered if the cover of the end cap with the tamper button is removed, if the transmitter or receiver is moved out of alignment, or if power is disconnected.

    Running the Wires
    Run four wires (2 x power and 2 x alarm signal) from the alarm control panel to the receiver of the curtain sensor. 4 Conductor, 22-Gauge Shielded Cable is strongly suggested.

    Weatherproof Construction
    Ingress Protection (IP) is rating for electronic products as it relates to the amount of sealing they have against the entry of solid and liquid objects. Complete details of this standard can be obtained from the IEC. This uniform and widely acknowledged classification system provides equipment designers and specifying agents with a convenient and reliable method of comparing relative levels of sealing between competing (connector) products. In its simplest form, the classification system consists of the letters "IP" followed by two separate digits, which denote increasingly greater sealing from solid objects and from water.

    The Enforcer Curtain / Barrier Sensor has a rating of IP65. The number '6' refers to the degree of protection against access to hazardous parts and ingress of solid objects, 6 is the highest rating at "dust tight; complete protection against contact". The number '5' refers to the degree of protection against the ingress of water. 5 is one of the highest levels of protection, "Water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects."

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: SECO-LARM
    Manufacturer Product No.: E-9660-8B25
    Power Rating: Standby: 12V DC ~ 24V DC, 102mA
    Active: 12V DC ~ 24V DC, 92mA
    Dimensions: 60 1/8" x 1 5/16" x 7/8"
    Response Time: 0.5mS ~ 60mS
    Maximum Range: Indoor: 50' (16m)
    Outdoor: 25' (8m)
    Detection Method: Simultaneous break of two adjacent beams or any single beam (programmable)
    Output: NO./NC. relay output, 1A @ 12V DC ~ 24V DC
    Operating Temperature: -49° F ~ 131° F (-45° C ~ 55° C)
    Attenuation LED: (On): powered, aligned properly*
    (Flashing): beam is broken or unaligned*
    (Off): no power*
    *Depending upon how programmed
    Enclosure / Case: Weatherproof IP65 / A! alloy
    Warranty: Manufacturer one (1) year

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    Review of 77405 Review by CHET
    Review of 77405

    This is great unit at a great price! There is one problem though: the tampers are very poorly designed....they false. I have had several of these units, two from Smarthome and three from another dealer...all five were defective in terms of the tamper's a design problem. The covers do not put enough pressure on the tamper switch; put a jumper on the tamper line, and these will work great. Smarhome is a very reliable company to do business with.

    Posted on 8/1/2012

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    • Enforcer Curtain / Barrier Sensor (Transmitter)
    • Enforcer Curtain / Barrier Sensor (Receiver)
    • Four (4) mounting brackets
    • Mounting hardware
    • Owner's manual

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