SCI USA CEM24-SUPER Telephone Thermostat

SCI USA CEM24-SUPER Telephone Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat that Allows You to Call and Change Mode and Termperature Settings
  • Main supply- 24Vac.
  • Telephone communication- check or set mode and temperature from a remote location by calling thermostat
  • Selectable system configuration- Heat/Cool or Heat Pump
  • Up to 2 stages of Heat and 2 stages of Cool
  • Selectable Heat output- Electric or Oil/Gas (jumper selectable)
  • External sensor- option
  • Alarm indication output
  • Fault input, 24Vac
  • 5-1-1 weekly program
  • Economy mode (set-back/unoccupied mode)


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  • The SCI USA CEM24-SUPER Telephone Thermostat is the latest in room control technology and is ideal for residential and commercial applications. Because of its built-in telephone communication capabilities, you can call the thermostat from a remote location to check or change the mode and temperature settings.

    In addition to alerts, the SCI USA CEM24-SUPER is fully-programmable, with up to two stages of heat and two stages of cool. Its 5-1-1 weekly programming allows you to customize the temperature settings based on your schedule. The thermostat also offers the option of an external sensor to expand your climate control system.
  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 30481 Review by Rick
    Review of 30481

    Very very happy with my thermostat, it does much more than the older model I will recomend it always. Sorry Pete , I think the unit is awesome!

    Posted on 4/12/2011

    Review of 30481 Review by Jeffrey
    Review of 30481

    I have a completely different experience with this unit. No problems and full satisfaction. I had this device installed in October of 2006, yes, 5 years ago now and it has never given me one day's trouble. It always follows the commands, if entered correctly. The ability to control our HVAC system remotely via phone is priceless and since our 2nd home is 1200 miles away, I need a system I can depend upon. There is no option of running over to check on things. I have not had one experience of a failed command. I recommend this product.

    Posted on 4/6/2011

    Review of 30481 Review by pete
    Review of 30481

    Just some feedback... I was a VERY satisfied user of your older product, which I purchased back around 2001. It was easy to use and always worked. We even referred several friends who ended-up purchasing the unit. They were also happy. Unfortunately, it died a year or so ago. We were so happy with the old product that we did not even consider purchasing from another vendor. However, we have been extremely disappointed with the new CEM-24. The user interface is so difficult to navigate that we have literally lost HUNDREDS of dollars in wasted heating because when we thought we had changed the settings it turns out they were not changed. Most recently, some friends were at our cabin. They thought they had put the unit in Economy Mode. I called the thermostat yesterday, and it turns out the unit was still set for heating. So I changed the set heating temp to 50. The unit read back that the set heating temparature was now 50 degrees. I called tonight and it said the set heating temparature is still 70! Please take me back to the simple days when I called in, pressed 2 for economy mode, and hung up. None of this stupid *0#, *4#, *9# ... RIDICULOUS!! seriously. Three button presses to do a function?! And then you have to save it even though it told you it was already set? What a piece of crap! You can be sure I will not be referring anyone else. In fact one of them asked me about it the other day because their thermostat is beginning to show signs of age. I told them not to bother with the newer product.

    Posted on 1/2/2011

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