Whole-Home DVD Video Distribution

High-definition television provides crisp, clear images not available with standard cable or satellite imaging. But installing HDTV tuners in every room of your home that has a television set can become expensive; even more costly and difficult would be running component video and digital audio cabling from room to room. Luckily, a couple of simple options are available that will allow you to access your high-definition media without breaking your budget. Please keep in mind that you'll need an off-air antenna to receive the HD signals.

Distribute High-Definition Signals Over Cat. 5 Wiring

Expensive coax cable isn't necessary if your home is pre-wired with cat. 5 wiring. Create a whole-house high-def distribution system with the HDTV Signal Distribution Kit, which sends component video, digital audio, and stereo analog audio up to 1000 feet.

This kit includes a cat. 5 driver, which distributes audio, video, and power to the two included wall plates; video and audio can also be accessed locally. The wall plates install in a standard dual-gang electrical box. Add more drivers and wall plates to expand to every room in the house: Each driver will support up to two wall plates.

Connect an IR signal distribution kit, and you'll even be able to control source equipment from other rooms in the house.

Share High-Definition Signals Among Multiple Devices

Want to watch HD cable or satellite programming or a DVD in a room other than the one with connected components? Connect A/V devices to the Rack-Mount 6 x 4 Component Video Matrix, and you'll be able to view any of six different devices on four different screens in your home. You can even watch a satellite feed in your bedroom while your kids watch a DVD in the living room simultaneously. Best of all, since the Rack-Mount 6 x 4 Component Video Matrix accepts multiple high-definition component inputs, you won't be limited to the single device that can connect to a standard television. The Rack-Mount 6 x 4 Component Video Matrix accepts component video and analog audio inputs from all six connected devices.

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