What to do if You Don't Have a Neutral Wire

If you have two wires in the box and they both connect to the same switch, one is always carrying hot and the other carries hot when the switch is turned on. You can finally incorporate those locations into your Insteon network.

Insteon 2-wire Dimmer Switch transmits wireless signals only to never limit the expansion of your Insteon network.

SwitchLinc 2-Wire Wiring Illustration

If you don't want to replace a switch, you can now simply replace your light bulbs with the Insteon LED Bulb. Now you don't have to worry about re-wiring. Simply leave your wall switch in the On position and control the Insteon bulb from any Insteon controller.

Get An Expert

When in doubt, hire a pro to find out if you have neutral wires in your switch box. If necessary they can "pull" neutral wires wherever you need them.

What About Using the Ground Wire If You Don't Have Neutrals?

While it is true that the ground wire and the neutral wires connect to the same place in your circuit panel, it is NOT acceptable by building and electrical codes to use the ground wire in this manner.

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