View a Camera at Your Front Door and Control Your Porch Light From Your iPhone

Parts list


  1. Replace the porch light switch with the INSTEON switch (dimmer or relay).
  2. Plug the INSTEON Hub directly into an outlet near your router (avoid plugging INSTEON Hub into surge-protected power strips or outlets as this may impede signals).
  3. Connect the INSTEON Hub into an available port on your router with the included network cable.
  4. With your iPhone, connect to INSTEON Hub following the instructions in the manual.
  5. Now using your iPhone create a "front door" room within INSTEON Hub and link your porch light.
  6. Install and setup your IP camera following the camera instructions.
  7. Once you have confirmed your camera is viewable online, go to the front door room in INSTEON Hub and
  8. Now you can view and control the camera and light from a single page on your iPhone or web-enabled device.


Before installing INSTEON wall switches and keypads be sure to check that you have neutral wires available behind your existing switches. These are commonly a group of white wires that are capped off in the back of the junction box.

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