Remotely Controlling and Monitoring Your Garage Door

Everyone with a garage has, at one point, left the garage door open unintentionally. Whether it's left open for an hour or over night, the point is all your tools, bicycles and other stuff is open for anyone to see. With our solution below, you can quickly and easily monitor and control your garage door from inside your home.

Garage Door Status and Control from Inside the House


Replace an existing wall switch with the KeypadLinc, set up your I/O Linc Garage Door Control & Status Kit and wirelessly link one button on the KeypadLinc to the I/O Linc. Now when the garage door opens, the LED on that button will light up. Press the button to close the garage. It's that simple. Easily expand the other unused buttons on the KeypadLinc to control the garage lights or any other light in the house. Just add additional INSTEON-compatible wall switches or plug-in modules to the lights you want to control.


You should only remotely close a garage door when you can be sure it is safe, either by watching it directly or through a camera. Use of safety beam devices can further increase the safety of remote garage door control and are usually required by law.

Parts List

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