Products That Make Seniors' Lives Easier

Between advances in medicine and the increased popularity of healthy living, people are living longer, more substantial lives. As people age, though, inevitably certain aspects of their health start to decline. By installing certain automation products in loved ones' homes, you can help your friends and relatives to continue to enjoy life without frustration.

Increase Mobility and Dexterity

Arthritic hands can make once-simple tasks painful, but asking for help constantly can be frustrating to those who consider themselves to be independent. By installing a keypad doorlock or deadbolt, you'll eliminate the need to fumble through the process of putting the key in the lock on exit or entry.

Parking a car in a garage can be frustrating for those with less than ideal depth perception. For that we recommend installing a few Car Door & Bumper Guards in the garage.

Aid Diminished Sight or Hearing

Big Button Speakerphone
Big Button Speakerphone
The Big Remote
The Big Remote
Talking Thermostat
Kelvin Talking Thermostat

Diminished sight and hearing are typical symptoms of increased age. Smarthome has a variety of products designed to help those whose seeing or hearing has begun to fail lead normal lives. Big-button devices, such as the Big-Button Speakerphone or the Big Remote are friendly to clouded eyes and frustrated fingers alike. The remote-activated Linear Personal Emergency Reporting System automatically dials loved ones in the event of an emergency.

You can even control the temperature from across the room, just by speaking aloud. The Kelvin Talking Thermostat accepts voice commands to program a 7-day temperature schedule and will announce the temperature when prompted.

Avoid Rushing to Answer Unnecessary Calls

Hurrying across the room to answer a ringing telephone can be a recipe for accidents. Caller ID allows you to know who's calling before you try to answer the phone, and the Big Digit Caller ID has an extra-large display, so it can be seen from across the room.





Added Security Increases Peace of Mind

Older folks may want to retain the feeling of independence, but it's harder for them to protect themselves. Installing a simple security system will add to their peace of mind and your own. The SOS Alert Amplified Phone comes with a pendant that's worn around the neck. When the buttons is pressed, the automatic dialer calls up to 30 emergency contact numbers and plays custom voice messages to seek help.

Install a Video Security Door Phone to add a level of protection at the front door. A camera is hidden inside its doorbell, so when a visitor arrives, you can see on the monitor who's at the door. You can even add an electric door strike to let guests in without walking to the front door.

Installing a full security system is a smart option that allows for easy customization and expansion as needs grow. The most important elements of a security system are the main console and a simple device for those who may not be able to protect themselves or to access the main console in order to get the help they need. The Web-Enabled Securelinc Elderly Kit includes Smarthome's SecureLinc Web-Enabled Wireless Security System console and a wireless pendant transmitter that an elderly parent can use to sound the 85dB alarm at the press of a button. Numerous accessories for the SecureLinc are available and sold separately.

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