The Problem
A dirty chimney can cause a chimney fire, which not only can damage structures and destroy homes, it can injure or kill people
The Solution
The Sooteater Rotary Chimney Cleaning System cleans dirty,ash filled wood stoves and fireplace flues. The spinning action of the chimney whip removes dangerous soot and creosote buildup better than a brush and helps prevent flue fires. The cleaner has a unique trim design compatible with multiple flue sizes.
When to Inspect and Clean
Although frequency of cleaning varies dramatically, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that chimneys be inspected at least once a year and cleaned as necessary. Chimneys should be cleaned when soot and creosote accumulations are 1/4 inch or more and when glaze is 1/8 inch or more. Spring is the best time of year to have your chimney inspected and cleaned after a busy burning season. Winter weather tends to do far more damage to chimneys than during the rest of the year. By getting it checked early in Spring, you will have plenty of time to clean and repair your chimney if you find any damage.
Safety Tips and Required Tools
Be sure the entire stove & chimney are completely cooled down. Do Not attempt to clean any chimney if there is a down draft (air blowing back into the home). Wear proper eye protection and respirator as well as protective clothing.
• Electric drill
•  Drop cloth
• Flashlight
• Pliers
• Screwdriver
• Duct tape
• Gloves
• Respirator / Mask
• Eye protection
• Proper skin protection
• Vacuum w/fine dust filter
• Lay drop cloth on floor to protect work area in front of fireplace opening
• Initial Inspection: Open damper or completely remove and look into chimney with a flashlight
• Determine type of soot build-up in chimney and configuration of smoke chamber and flue
• Cover fireplace opening with plastic
• Use ducttape to seal edges and all uneven surfaces around fireplace opening
• Cut hole in plastic, insert vacuum hose through plastic and into firebox
• Be sure to seal tightly around vacuum hose
• Turn vacuum on
• If you don't have a vacuum, open damper, cover fireplace opening with plastic
• Use duct tape to seal around edges to contain dust while rotary cleaning
• Trim "Chimney Whip" to fit the inside dimension of your chimney
• Cut small slit in plastic near the middle of fireplace opening
• Attach whip to end of rod. Feed opposite end through plastic from inside firebox leaving whip inside
• Finish sealing plastic tightly around fireplace opening
• Insert "Drill Adapter" into drill and attach rod to drill
• Feed whip into flue and spin whip up into chimney flue one rod at a time with a back and forth motion
• If chimney flue is square or rectangular, spin whip in one direction the whole length of one rod
• Then reverse direction of drill and spin whip in opposite direction
• Work the rod in and out to clean opposite corners of the flue
• Repeat this method for each rod added until you reach the top of chimney flue
• Clean the Rain Cap by spinning the "Chimney Whip" up the screening in one direction
• Then spin it the opposite direction to clean all corners of the cap
• It may be necessary to clean cap before trimming whip to fit chimney flue
• Once chimney flue is clean, begin rotary cleaning smoke chamber
• Use an Up and Down motion as well as a Side to Side motion while cleaning
• Reverse drill to get complete cleaning action in opposite corners
• Many fireplaces don't have a smoke chamber but require cleaning the areas leading into the flue
• Once the smoke chamber is clean, remove all debris from the smoke shelf
• Use a vacuum or use a brush to scrape off the debris into a pile inside the firebox
• It may be necessary to remove damper plate.
Finishing Up
• Re-install damper plate
• Use a scrub brush or wire brush to remove deposits from walls of the firebox and damper area
• Use a powerful flashlight and mirror to look into chimney, smoke chamber and smoke shelf
• Work the rod in and out to clean opposite corners of the flue
• Once all areas of the fireplace chimney are clean, remove all debris from inside the firebox

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