Prevent Car Dings and Marred Walls

You've worked hard for your car and home, so naturally you want to keep them in as good condition as possible. Fortunately there are several easy and affordable products you can set up in your own garage to keep your car (and garage walls) blemish free!

The most common source of dents is a bad parking job. Either you pull in too far and bump the wall in front, or you don't pull in far enough and risk damage to your rear fender when you close the garage door. These parking assistants will help solve these problems by letting you know exactly where to park!

Are the drivers in your family depth-challenged when it comes to pulling the car into the garage? The Parking Mat can help: Simply place this simple yet effective mat in the position where your front wheel should rest, and you'll clearly feel the exact stopping position you selected every time you pull in. Only one mat is needed per vehicle.

Our Garage Parking Wizard mounts directly in front of the parking area and uses a motion sensor to determine when your car has reached your selected stopping position. It signals you to stop by flashing a red light.

For laser-beam accuracy, choose the Laser Guided Parking System, which mounts above your car and shines a visible laser beam on a spot you choose. This laser beam serves as a reference for you so you can pull your car into the exact same position time and time again. This system is also great for ensuring that you don't park too close to the side of the garage.

Another option is to install the Radar Parking Assistant for 2 Vehicles which works as a traffic light for your garage. As you pull into the garage the light will be green and a slow beep will sound. As you approach the wall it will turn yellow and the beep will sound faster. Once you reach your preset parking position the red light will come on and a steady beep will sound letting you know you are in the right spot.

Open Doors Easily and Safely

Even with a perfect parking job, you're still not out of the woods. No matter how roomy your garage is, you probably still don't have enough clearance to open the doors all the way to remove groceries or young children

But now you can open your doors worry free with the Car Door & Bumoper Guards, a pair of padded strips that shield your wall (and car door or bumper) from dents, scratches or other imperfections. And you're not just limited to using the Wall Guard on walls: If you have an SUV or another vehicle with a rear hatch that touches the garage door when in the open position, you can apply the Wall Guard to the inside of the garage door.

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Out of the Way

Another part of keeping your car ding-free is to keep potentially damaging items out of the way. One of the most common sources of problems is the bicycle. With handlebars and pedals that jut out — not to mention the not-so-reliable kickstand — bikes are a natural enemy of cars. But thanks to our safe and space-efficient bike storage devices, your car and bike can co-exist peacefully.

Smarthome has numerous products to make your parking experience easy and dent-free. See them all here!

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