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Motion Activated Security Lighting for Your Home

Adding motion activated security lights outside of your home can help you see when taking out the trash and more importantly they can ward off unwelcomed visitors. Seeing a light come on can be the first step to being aware of what is going on outside your home at night. With these great solution ideas, you can easily place light where you need it the most, save energy, or record video.


Simple & Affordable

LED lights are not only bright, they are extremely energy efficient. In the Fulcrum Outdoor Wireless Floodlight, they can last up to 100,000 hours. This weatherproof battery powered floodlight has 6 ultra-bright LEDs that are activated by its integrated motion sensor. With a maximum 25 foot detection range, this security light can be mounted high enough so that is will not be easily tampered with and still sense a wide array. When the motion stops the lights will turn off in 30 seconds. The floodlight also has a photocell sensor so that it will not turn on in the daylight. This affordable DIY solution can be added to any home.

Fulcrum Outdoor Wireless Floodlight


Install four C batteries into the sealed compartment. When choosing the placement of the light, keep in mind detection distance and spotlight placement. Use the provided mounting hardware and attach the floodlight to any wall, post, or ceiling.


Parts List

•  Fulcrum Outdoor Wireless Floodlight
•  C Batteries (2-Pack)

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Solar Power

Powered by the sun, the Smarthome SELECT Solar Powered Motion Sensing Spotlight is a great energy saving security light. 54 bright white LEDs are sealed in a heavy-duty housing with a PIR motion sensor and control panel attached to the bottom. An adjustable solar panel with 16 feet of wire can be mounted and angled to get the most sunlight for charging the light. That means there is no need to call an electrician or need an outdoor junction box. The lighting time and brightness are adjustable to suit your lighting needs. This versatile spotlight combines the power of solar with the brightness of LED to make a great DIY solution.

Smarthome SELECT Solar Powered Motion Sensing Spotlight


Within 16 feet of your spotlight’s desired location, choose a place with the most sun exposure to mount the solar panel. Mount the panel’s base and angle the solar cell. Run the wire from the panel to the location of the light to be mounted. Unscrew the bracket from the light housing and mount it securely to the desired location. Attach the light housing back onto the bracket and angle it to the desired position before tightening. Allow a full day for the solar panel to charge the battery enclosed in the light housing. Choose the lighting time between 30 seconds and 10 minutes and set the brightness.


Parts List

•  Smarthome SELECT Solar Powered Motion Sensing Spotlight

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Automatic Lighting, Covert Camera & Recorder

Sometimes security lights just are not enough and unwelcomed visitors need a little more convincing to leave your property. The SmartGuard Motion Sensing Light with Security Camera actually talks and can record video when activated by the PIR motion sensor. "You are trespassing!" "Warning! You are being videotaped by a security camera!," or the sound of a dog barking are the three pre-recorded alerts that can be triggered. Recorded video and still images are stored on a SD card as AVI and JPEG files. SmartGuard’s light system also has three different operating modes to quickly toggle between preset configurations. With two flexible lights, this security fixture is equipped with the bells and whistles that your home needs.

SmartGuard Motion Sensing Light with Security Camera


If you are not comfortable or familiar with electrical wiring Smarthome recommends consulting a licensed electrician for installation. From the circuit breaker, turn off power to the outdoor junction box you will be adding you security light to. Attach the mounting bracket to the junction box with the provided hardware. Follow the wiring diagram included in the instructions and mount the light. Set the sensor position and distance sensitivity. Angle the lights to the desired location. Choose the working mode and audio selection. Insert the SD card and choose video settings. Check the LED indicator light periodically to see when the SD card is full. Remove the SD card and insert it into your PC through an SD card reader and view or save the files as needed.


Parts List

•   SmartGuard AEC-931BSD-SP8 Motion Sensor LED Light with Camera and Audio
•  SD Card Reader

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