Never Walk to Bed in the Dark Again

The dishes are done, the kids are asleep, and you've finally finished reading the paper. But before you hop into bed, you'll have to go downstairs and turn off the lamp in the family room, as well as the front porch light. By the time you've stumbled through the dark house on the way back upstairs, you're wide awake again. Sound familiar?

Relief is closer and easier than you think. With just a few smart lighting control products, you can turn off any light in the house from your nightstand.

The Solution

Although every home is set up differently, we've found that the most common lights that Smarthome customers want to control remotely are:

  • An overhead light fixture in the family room
  • A plug-in lamp in the family room
  • The front porch light
  • The overhead kitchen lights

All of these devices can be managed from your bedside table, even turning every one of them off with the single press of a button!

The Shopping List

The most popular and easiest solution to set up would be to purchase a INSTEON Mini Remote and two LampLinc Plug-In Modules. From here you'll want to choose expansion options for controlling other lights (or appliances) throughout the home. To control the overhead light fixtures in the family room and kitchen, as well as the porch light, you'll need a wall switch or wall dimmer (switch for on/off only and dimmer for dimmable incandescent, CFL, or LED bulbs); to control the family room lamp or any plug-in light, you would choose a plug-in dimmer module (for dimmable lighting) or plug-in appliance module (for non-dimmable lighting such as CFL or LED bulbs).

The Setup: Getting Started

INSTEON Mini Remote sends On/Off/Dim/Bright commands via RF signal up to 150' to the LampLinc dual-band modules. Simply plug your lamp into one of the included LampLinc modules and plug the LampLinc into the outlet. Press and hold one of the control buttons on the INSTEON Mini Remote for 10 seconds to put it into programming mode and finally press and hold the set button on the LampLinc. Repeat for the second LampLinc and you're done.

INSTEON Mini Remote and Lamp Modules

This system is expandable for control of up to 4 unique devices or scenes. Just add more lamp or appliance controllers or remote control wall switches and dimmers.

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