Motion-Activated Lighting Control

Use two equally simple motion-activated devices: Open/Close Sensor which mounts to any door or window or Motion Sensor which mounts on a wall. Either one can be set to turn on a light when activated and turn it off when the door or window closes or motion has stopped being sensed.

Let Motion Control the Lights



Would you like to turn on a light every time a closet door is opened and then have the light turn off when the door is closed? Maybe you just need a light turned on without having to feel around for the switch in the dark. Either way, this solution is for you. In the above illustration we show an Open/Close Sensor and a Motion Sensor. Both can turn on a light when activated. The Open/Close Sensor turns the light off when the door or window is closed and the Motion Sensor turns it off after a period of time of no motion. Both communicate wirelessly to a LampLinc which plugs into a standard outlet (shown above) or a SwitchLinc Dimmer Switch (also included with this bundle) which is hardwired and replaces an existing wall switch.


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