Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

The safety of your home and your loved ones ranks tops in life's priorities. Keep an eye on your home with home alert systems that remotely monitor and control your home, vacation property or small business. Homeowners can monitor a remote location for a plethora of environmental conditions -- including flooding, freezing, and carbon monoxide -- to curb any potential disasters, such as pipes bursting or the complete flooding of your home.

Without spending thousands of dollars to set up a hardwired security alarm system, these product solutions will protect your family and home without breaking the bank.


A fully programmable environmental monitoring system, the Sensaphone 800 allows both local and remote monitoring and control of your home or small business. Easy to install and operate, the Sensaphone requires no rewiring of your home and only needs standard telephone service to work.

With built-in sensors to monitor temperature, sound and AC power failure, the system simply connects to your telephone jack and calls up to eight phone numbers to report the conditions if temperatures go above or below certain levels, if a smoke alarm or security system siren goes off, or if there's a power failure. You can also call your vacation home at any time to obtain a status report or to listen in to on-site sounds for total peace of mind.

The system can also be expanded with up to seven additional status sensors to detect other conditions of your choice, so long as the sensors use normally open or normally closed contacts. These can include:

Skylink AAA

A complete wireless system, the Skylink Home Smart Center not only functions as a security system, but also allows you to control household appliances and lights remotely by dialing into the system from any touch-tone phone. The center of this powerful and flexible system is its control panel, where you will program passwords, sensors and more.

Setup is a breeze. Plug the system's AC power adapter into a wall outlet, pop in the 4 AAA batteries (sold separately) and connect the system to your phone jack and you're ready to go.

The Home Smart Center operates in two modes: alert mode or alarm mode. In alert mode (used when you are in the house), whenever a sensor is triggered, you will be notified by voice and flashing LED lights to indicate in which zone the sensor was triggered. In alarm mode (used when you leave the house), the system alarm will sound and then call up to five preprogrammed phone numbers to deliver an emergency message. Disarm the alarm by entering your pass code into the control panel or by using the included keychain remote. For larger homes or for remote sensors, adding a wireless signal booster/repeater is a good way to add reliability to the system, so you'll be sure to receive an alert the moment your home is breached.

Supporting up to a total of 10 sensors in up to 5 zones, the Home Smart Center supports a myriad of sensors. In addition to the included motion and window sensors, the system supports water leak sensors, garage sensors and audio sensors.

Household Alert Combination Set

For those on a budget, the Household Alert System offers an economical and completely wireless way to monitor and protect your home. Strictly a local alert system, it does not dial out to any emergency phone number but provides both a visual and audio alarm whenever sensors are triggered to warn anyone in the home.

Easy to use and install, the system is comprised of the Houselink receiver and the sensor(s) that suits your needs. Setup is as easy as plugging the receiver's power adapter into a wall outlet and then placing the sensors where you need them. Fully expandable, the receiver can control up to four different sensors, including door/window sensors, motion sensors, and water sensors, so you can be alerted when the garage door is left open, an intruder triggers the motion sensor in the back yard, or a water leak is detected in the basement.

Comparison Chart

Wireless Security System Features Sensaphone 800 AAA Home Smart Center Household Alert
Primary Controller Type Standalone tabletop unit Standalone tabletop unit Standalone tabletop unit
Remote Control Options Touch-tone phone Keychain remotes, touch-tone phone None
Supported Sensors Water, temperature, smoke, motion, humidity, freeze, any sensor using open/close contact closure
Door/window, motion detector, water leak, garage door, audio smoke alarm Door/window, motion detector, water leak, garage door
Notifications Calls emergency phone numbers Alarm: calls emergency phone numbers, siren blast alert: voice announcement, flashing LEDs, beeping Siren blast alert: flashing LEDs

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