Bathrooms can be tech friendly too. With these DIY upgrades, you can have luxurious amenities and make it your own. Warm your towels, play music, and shower like you are at a spa with these weekend project ideas.


Spa-Like Shower

Upgrade your single showerhead into a luxurious multi jet experience without drilling holes or opening walls. The Aquasation Showerhead Panel is the perfect solution for your showering desires whether you own or rent your home. Rainfall, jets, waterfall, and a handheld sprayer provide 10 combinations for your showing experience. Because there is no complex plumbing or drilling involved, it is as simple as changing a showerhead by unscrewing the old and attaching the new. It is made of lightweight materials to reduce the weight strain on your existing plumbing because it is not attached to the shower wall. And because there is no drilling involved you will not have to worry about cracking tiles or fracturing fiberglass.


Everything is included for the installation of the Aquasation Showerhead Panel. Remove the old showerhead from the wall by unscrewing the back pipe out of the wall. Insert and screw in the provided Inlet Pipe. Connect the Upper Head Assembly to the main body over the Inlet Pipe. Attach and tighten the Mounting Nut with the special tool that is included. Fasten the waterlines, replace the cover, and attach the Hand Shower and Rain Showerhead. You can now enjoy the luxuries of a premium experience with the press of a button.


•   Aquasation Showerhead Panel (SKU # 51896)


Play Music From Your Fan

Is music a part of your morning routine but you don’t want to subject you smartphone or tablet to the humidity and moisture of the bathroom? The Homewerks Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speaker is a great afternoon install for the music loving DIY enthusiast. Combine your bathroom fan and a Bluetooth speaker to upgrade your bathroom from a silent sauna to a soothing shower room. Stream you music from your Bluetooth enabled devices from up to 30 feet away without skipping a beat as you prepare for your day or unwind from it.


This installation is for the intermediate DIY person who is comfortable with basic electrical wiring, a drywall saw, and can access the joists above your bathroom ceiling. Start by powering off the circuit for safety and removing your existing vent fan. You will need a square that is 9.4 by 9.4 inches for the new fan, which is where a drywall saw will be needed if your existing hole is too small. Insert the suspension brackets onto the fan housing and attach them to the joists. When you are placing the fan, make sure it is flush to the outside of your sheetrock and not the joist so you can attach the grille. Connect the existing wires to the inside of the fan housing using the quick connect ports. Attach the ducting and secure it with a clamp of duct tape. Join the connectors to the grille to power the Bluetooth speaker and fan. Pair your Bluetooth device and start streaming your music library to your Homewerks Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speaker.


•  Homewerks Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speaker (SKU # 34308)


Warm Towels

Stepping out of a hot shower on a cold morning doesn't have to be a painful experience. Warm up your towel just like you would find at a spa with the Barcelona Towel Warmer. This elegant freestanding Towel Warmer has a brushed stainless steel finish and is ready to start warming your bath towels as soon as you plug it in. Because this is a free standing solution, there is no drilling or wiring required so it is a great product for home owners and renters alike.


Setup is basic for almost any user. Attach the washer and legs to the bottom of the rack and screw in from the bottom. Plug the Barcelona Towel Warmer into the wall and drape your towel over the bars to heat up.


•   Barcelona Towel Warmer (SKU # 26541)


Bathroom Tablet Mount

Have you ever watched a game or live web stream that you can’t pause but need use the restroom? Now you can have a secure place to see your tablet hands free with the Wall Mount Bathroom Stand for Tablets. Mounted to its toilet paper holder, this bathroom accessory allows you to watch what is on your tablet as you are doing other things like getting ready for your day and washing your hands. Consider keeping a Nano UV Dual Scanner handy too. It can kill 99.9% of germs on surfaces or disinfect water in less than a minute.


Using the provided hardware, secure the Toilet Paper Holders base to the wall. Attach the Gooseneck Tablet Holder to the base. Add your roll of toilet paper and tablet, and enjoy your tablet screen as you brush your teeth, comb your hair, and wash your hands.


•   Wall Mount Bathroom Stand for Tablets (SKU # 61138)
•   Nano UV Dual Scanner (SKU # 56308)

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