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Thermostat Installation

Installation is simple - Less than 30 minutes, even for Beginners

With summer in full swing, one of the biggest energy wasters in most homes is air conditioning. Installing an INSTEON Thermostat is a simple swap that can potentially save you big on your electricity bill and at the same time give you a good way to monitor or control the temperature when you’re not at home.

The first step is to check your existing thermostat’s wiring to verify which INSTEON Thermostat option will work with your system. There are a few wires that will be key in this determination. For an INSTEON Thermostat, the most important wires are going to be the two wires that provide power, these are usually marked R and C. These two wires are going to be critical as they provide constant power to the thermostat.

Don't have both power wires coming from your unit?

Venstar Add-onSome thermostats have only incoming power and will not need a common wire because they are battery powered. To gain the extra wire without running a whole new thermostat wire, use Venstar’s Add-A-Wire kit which utilizes one wire for two contacts and will give you that extra wire you are missing.

While looking at your wiring we will also want to check if you have a heat pump system. If you do have a heat-pump, you will usually have a wire connected to the O or B terminal (some thermostats have a single terminal marked O/B). If there is a wire connected to one of these terminals you will want to look at the Venstar Thermostat along with the INSTEON Adapter. If your system is not a heat pump, the INSTEON Thermostat is a great choice.

INSTEON HUBTo maximize your energy efficiency you will want to program the time of day modes in your thermostat to automatically turn your thermostat up and down based on when you are commonly home. It is also a good idea to check your air filter regularly and replace if necessary to prevent your HVAC system from working harder than it needs to and running up that bill.

If you would like to monitor the temperature from anywhere and control your new energy efficient thermostat with your smartphone or tablet, you will also need the INSTEON Hub. This connects to your home router and will allow your INSTEON devices to be controlled through an app on your device.

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