Know When Your Kids Turn Their Bedroom Lights On or Off From a Keypad in Your Bedroom

Parts List


  1. Replace the master bedroom switch with the KeypadLinc - the large buttons will control the local load and you'll have four buttons available for controlling remote lighting.
  2. Replace your child's wall switch with the dimmer or relay switch.
  3. Select a button on the KeypadLinc that you want to use as your indicator/controller for the kids room light and press and hold for 10 seconds. The keypad button will start blinking - you are now in programming mode.
  4. Go to the kids room and using a fingernail or small screwdriver and press and hold the set button for 5 seconds - the light should flash indicate successfull linking.
  5. Now when your child's room light is turned on, the corresponding button on the keypad will be illuminated. If you want to turn it off just press the button.


Before installing INSTEON wall switches and keypads be sure to check that you have neutral wires available behind your existing switches. These are commonly a group of white wires that are capped off in the back of the junction box.

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