One of the most popular Insteon devices today is the Water Leak Sensor. It is a simple, compact wireless device that sits on the floor; with no need for screws, tape, or wires. The sensor will instantly send and alert to your phone when a leak occurs. It's one of those devices you typically won't receive any instant gratification from, but when it does work, you'll be thanking yourself tenfold.

Smarthome recently received an email from a customer, Charles, which provided a great example of how the Insteon Water Leak Sensor truly made a difference for his family.  In many ways Charles is a typical customer of Smarthome; a homeowner, with a spouse and children.  His family lives in a humble 25 year old 4,300 square foot home in New Jersey, with a large finished basement doubling as an office.  He has a penchant for technology and automation, and even started using Insteon after migrating away from X10 around 2005. But it wasn't until two years ago when a flexible supply line on the hot side of a water heater developed a pinhole leak. Not noticing until two days later, which by that time, had caused what turned out to be over $3000 in damages in his basement.

That damage could have been avoided with the use of an Insteon Water Leak sensor, which would have notified him the instant a leak was detected, allowing him to quickly turn of the water main or take other preventative measures.  When asked about Water leak Sensors now, Charles said, "I employ 13 leak sensors. One in each bathroom, behind the toilet, one under the double kitchen sink, one in the laundry room behind the washing machine, one at each water heater (we have two), one where the water main enters the house and there are many valves (and sprinkler solenoid valves) and three strategically placed around the perimeter of the basement (where on occasion we have had water intrusion for various reasons)." He went on to point out that they were easy enough for a child to install and really liked the integration with the Insteon App, especially the ability to test the sensors, which he feels is critical, we agree.

As it turns out, he recently got a notification of a leak while at dinner.  He quickly left the restaurant and drove home to investigate.  Sure enough, there was a failed T&PRV on a water heater.  So he turned the water heater off, closed the inlet valve and was back to the restaurant in time to finish dinner.  The next day he was able to replace the valve and thermostat – with zero damage to his home!

Aside from the savings and security the Insteon Water Leak Sensors provide, Charles has found a way to incorporate a wide variety of Insteon devices throughout his home, and actually makes, "an effort to purchase and install new products as they are introduced."   He continued by saying, "Insteon Home Automation has allowed us to customize our home in a way that makes the home far more user friendly and comfortable. Insteon has also given us peace of mind in certain situations that we would never have been able to attain without it."  While he and his family have grown to enjoy using Insteon every day in their home, it's others that seem to really be taken with it when they come over to visit.  As a matter of fact, Charles was excited to state that he shows it off all the time and the reaction is usually amazement.

Charles also wanted to point out another way Insteon has impacted his life. Having 2 sons, both now in their 20's, he wanted to be able to monitor cabinet doors, the bar area, garage doors, entrances, etc. While stating both are really good kids, teenagers and young adults, are, well, teenagers and young adults. So he used a combination of Insteon Motion Sensors, Open/Close Sensors and Wi-Fi Cameras to keep an eye things. He now gets an alert on his phone when one of these is triggered and his worries are gone.

When asked about some products he'd like to see in the future he mentioned door knob locks, deadbolts, a broader line of LED bulbs, enhanced irrigation control and pool/pump/filter control.  Stay tuned Charles…Insteon is always working on their next great set of products!

Lastly, I asked about what else separates Insteon from other similar technologies.  Charles stated, "in my opinion, Insteon has much better value than any competing product lines. Value comes from not just the product cost, but also from the constant innovation and superior customer support."

Smarthome and Insteon love to get feedback just like this, and hope that sharing this with other Insteon users and future Insteon users will help guide them in their choice.

-Kyle Mears

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