How to Outsmart a Burglar - How to Automatically Turn On An Inside Light With Outside Motion

Imagine that you are a burglar... You are casing a house that you are looking to rob. You walk around the side yard and a motion sensor light goes off - big deal, those things get as much attention as a random car alarm. You find a window you can get through and you're in.

Now, imagine that instead of a typical motion sensor light going off, an actual interior light in the house turned on! Unless you really feel like going to jail, you will probably move on to an unoccupied residence.

Our project is a simple system that will turn on an interior light when an outdoor motion sensor is tripped. You can set this up in a variety of ways to fit your preference and though this project uses INSTEON, you don't need an existing system to accomplish it.

Getting started

Here is the diagram we are working from. This project should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Equipment List

For this project we are using the following products:

Step 1

Mount your motion sensor in the desired location outside your home. Follow the instructions included with the sensor for installation instructions and locating tips.

Step 2

Chose the lamp you want to turn on when the motion sensor is triggered. Unplug the lamp and plug in the LampLinc dimmer into the outlet, then the lamp into the LampLinc.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Set" button on the motion sensor for 5 seconds (until red LED on the back begins to blink). You now have 4 minutes to set the responding device (the LampLinc in this example).

Step 4

With the Motion Sensor in linking mode (see previous step), press and hold the "Set" button on the LampLinc for 3 seconds or until it beeps.

You now have a clever and effective burglar deterrent! Whenever someone trips the outdoor motion sensor, your interior lamp will turn on. You can expand on this setup so that other lights turn on, cameras are activated and more. With HouseLinc software you can even receive an email notification!

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