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No two homes are identical because of the people who live in them. So there is not a one size fits all security solution. Below are some different levels of devices that can help identify your home security needs.


Single Sensor Alert

Hear an alarm when a door or window is opened with this simple Techko Ultra Slim Safety Entry Alarm. A 110 decibel alarm is emitted when this simple sensor is triggered from the magnetic field. This is an ideal product to alert your loved ones that are home, or to frighten off unwanted visitors.

Techko Ultra Slim Safety Entry Alarm


Setup is as simple as attaching the magnet on the door or window, the sensor on the frame adjacent to the magnet, and the alarm close by. Once the magnetic field is broken the alarm will sound for 60 seconds and reset itself. There is a switch on the alarm to arm and disarm when needed.


Parts List

•  Techko Ultra Slim Safety Entry Alarm

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Dial-out Security System

Standard security system alarms are a great deterrent, but what if you want someone to check on the house? With the Skylink Total Protection Wireless Alarm System you can utilize the included Emergency Dialer to send an automated recording to the number of your choice. Dial your cell phone, family member, neighbor, or even a local security company to drive by and check out your home. This full system is expandable to 30 different sensors and comes with one motion and two door/window sensors. Optional sensors include flood, smoke, and temperature sensors. Keep that extra piece of mind and know a call will go out while you are away.

Skylink Total Protection Wireless Alarm System


Install the power cable, backup battery, and telephone cord then mount the control panel and emergency dialer near a phone jack. Program the emergency contact phone number and how many redials. Place the sensors, install the batteries, and you are ready to feel more secure.


Parts List

•  Skylink Total Protection Wireless Alarm System

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Monitor your Home from a Smarthpone

Being able to monitor multiple windows and doors can be a messy process if you have to arm and disarm each one every time you leave your home. That is when a Security System becomes the right option. The iSmartAlarm Smartphone Home Security System is a great example of a central control point for all of your sensors and a single 110 decibel alarm. This system also features an IR motion sensor, camera, and smartphone app control. Check in any time, receive app messages, and arm or disarm remotely from your smartphone. This kit also comes with a key fob to control the system, great for a family member without a smartphone or if you find it more convenient.

iSmartAlarm Smartphone Home Security System


Plug the CubeOne base into your router. Remove the tabs in each sensor and wait for a conformation blink to show it has connected to the base. Place the sensors wherever you would like to monitor. Download the app to your smartphone and follow the set by step configuration. Now you have the power to know when each sensor is triggered at home or on the go.


Parts List

•  iSmartAlarm Smartphone Home Security System

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