Get a Text Message or E-mail to Your Cell Phone if a Door or Window Opens

Parts List


  1. Plug the INSTEON PLM into an outlet next to your router our network jack. Install a cat 5 from the PLM into the ISY-99i Port "A" jack. Install a second cat 5 cable from the ISY-99i "network" jack to a open port on your router.
  2. Install the INSTEON Open/Close Sensor in the location you want to monitor (example: if a door, then attach the Open/Close Sensor magnet to the door and the TrigglerLinc itself to the door frame).
  3. Plug in the INSTEON Access Point into an AC outlet (this is a wireless RF receiver for the Open/Close Sensor).
  4. Log into the ISY-99i by going to you Network Neighborhood on your computer and clicking on "My Lighting". When the program starts, click on Administrative Console then go to Link Management and click on Start Linking.
  5. Go to the Open/Close Sensor and press the set button. The Device should now show up in the ISY-99i as the device ID labeled on the Open/Close Sensor. At this point you may want to rename it to some other name.
  6. With in the ISY-99 menu there is a Configuration tab that will take you to a screen to enter your email address or cell phone information. Once that is done you will need to write a simple rule in the ISY-99i program menu that will look something like this: If - Status of Open/Close Sensor is On
    Then - Notify (Notify is the name that the ISY-99i gives to its email and text message function).


Be sure to name the Open/Close Sensor something descriptive like "Front Door Open" or "Living Room Window Open". This way when the ISY sends you an email it will read like this: "Living Room Window has changed state" If you do not give it a specific name the message you will receive will say "Open/Close Sensor has changed state".

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