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Smarthome offers a variety of power/energy meters to suit the needs of the average home owner to a master electrician. The basic idea behind using a meter is to find out how much energy is being consumed by appliances such as lamps, computers and entertainment equipment. This will identify the real power guzzlers so you can find ways to start reducing the use of costly appliances, which will help save money on your electricity bill and helps to preserve the environment. Each of the meters available at operates in same general fashion by installing in-line between any plug-in appliance and an outlet. While the same general information is read by each device: running time, Volts, Amps, Watts and Cumulative Kilowatt Hours (KWH), the real differences between each of the products are in the additional, various types of information and data that is acquired, analyzed and presented (see chart below). Most of this additional information and data isn’t necessary, after all the idea is simply to find out how much power appliances are using and find ways to cut back. As stated above, all of the meters offer the same basic readings...

Below is a list of each device and the additional features that you should consider when making your selection (prices are subject to change - click on product images for current pricing or specials):









Retail Cost $26.99 $29.99 $24.99 $49.99 $99.95 $109.99 $140.99 $212.99 $240.99
Direct Plug-in          
Plug-in Via Cord        
LCD Display
Non-Volatile Memory Retention        
Running Time
RMS Volts
Minimimum RMS Volts        
Maximum RMS Volts        
RMS Amps
Minimum RMS Amps        
Maximum RMS Amps      
Current Watts
Minimum Watts      
Maximum Watts    
Apparent Power / Volt Amps (VA)      
Frequency / Hertz (Hz)    
Power Factor  
Leakage Current                
Minimum Leakage Current                
Maximum Leakage Current                
Unit Price Charge  
Dual Unit Price Charge                
Cumulative Watt Hours / Kilowatts Per Hour (KWH)
Average Monthly KWH        
Cumulative Cost /Total Electricity Charge  
Average Monthly Cost        
Duty Cycle          
Duty Cycle Watts Threshold          
Overload Indicator              
Automatic Interval Setting            
Data transfer via USB to computer            
Calculate Return on Investment            
Internal Records Storage             2000 8000 8000
Internet access                
Internet enabled power switching                
Electrical Magnetic Interference (EMI) Filter                
Under Voltage Protection                
Over Voltage Protection                
Over Current Breaker                
Surge Protection                
Wall Mountable                

Using a meter is a great way to start finding out how much energy your appliances are actually costing you get you started on your way to a Greener way of living. If you simply want to identify the biggest energy abusers, you can use any of the inexpensive meters as they all have enough information for the average home user to figure out the cost of any appliance. For multiple devices such as home offices or entertainment centers, the Kill A Watt Power Strip and Energy Meter is ideal.  For advanced power analysis, any of the Watts? Up models are acceptable depending on your specific needs.  Replace a single incandescent light bulb with an energy efficient CFL or LED light bulb and measure how much energy you save with your meter…now imagine if you did that throughout your home and what your savings each year could be!

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