Unlock Your Door With Bluetooth

Access control is the ability to control gates and doors through any number of ways, and something every home has are door locks. Why not open them with one thing every smartphone has, Bluetooth? This is an overview on different ways you can unlock your home with the latest and most advanced Bluetooth Door Locks.



Bluetooth is a wireless communication that goes beyond hands free driving and ear pieces. Its applications now range from door locks and access control, printers, medical devices, audio systems, and more. The evolution of Bluetooth has had tremendous growth over the years and with each revision has come improvements in stability, security, features, and power. The Bluetooth Door Locks we will be showing have a range from Bluetooth v2.0 to v4.0 LE, which are different generations of features.

Bluetooth v2.0 has been a stable wireless platform for many years and provides a secure pin when interfacing with another device. However the amount of power used is not ideal for long term battery usage because it is measured in hours, but if the device has a dedicated power source Bluetooth v2.0 is very reliable.

The current and most recent version of the wireless protocol is Bluetooth 4.0 which has subset versions including Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low energy). These two specific versions are ideal for battery powered applications due to their energy efficiency which can provide battery life to be measured in months and years like in Bluetooth Door Locks.

Door Locks

Turnkey deadbolts, electric door strikes, and electromagnetic locks are all ways Bluetooth can open the doors in your life. Turnkey deadbolts are installed on the door and require a key to unlock from the outside and have a manual knob for indoor manual control. The two form factors for Bluetooth Door Locks in a turnkey system either replace your lock fixture completely, or mount to the indoor manual knob for control using the existing tumbler and manual lock.

Electric door strikes and electromagnetic locks (mag locks) are installed in or on the door frame and door. These locking systems generally require a dedicated power source and a system to trigger the power releasing the locking mechanism or magnetic hold.




The OKIDOKEYS Classic Access Pack is a great Bluetooth Door Lock system for a variety of users like families. The pack includes a Smart-Lock that easily installs over deadbolts for a streamlined look and a Smart-Reader for reading the included Smart-Tag keychain, card, and wristband. The Smart-Reader also allows mobile devices without Bluetooth 4.0 to have access control.

OKIDOKEYS can grant timed access to your housekeeper, gardener, tutor, or babysitter while receiving push notifications alerting you when your home is accessed. The lock can be programmed to operate in hands-free mode, automatically unlocking the door when you approach it. The lock uses highly secure encryption technologies, similar to banking and military standards (including AES 256-bit and 3D Secure login), combined with proven and patented security technologies to keep you safe. It also features a built-in alarm that notifies you when an intruder attempts to enter your door.

The OKIDOKEY Classic Access Pack also includes the OKIDOKEY Smart-Reader. The reader doesn't just respond to mobile devices —it also grants lock control to Smart-Tag key chains, wristband, and card owners. Smart-Tag technology is great for granting quick and easy access to family members and house guests on particular schedules.



The Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock is a solid lock option for iOS users who want to unlock their door by simply touching the lock without needing to reach for keys or a smartphone. Kevo was designed to provide comfort and security with its simple, bump-proof, design ideal for left or right-handed doors. For those in your household without an iOS device, the battery powered Kevo includes a key fob that can also act as a hands free key.

Entering and leaving your home is easier since you can unlock the door by tapping the deadbolt. The deadbolt still operates like a standard mechanical lock, so keyed entry is possible if a connected smart key is not detected. After tapping the deadbolt, a blue LED ring light spins around the deadbolt indicating it's searching for a certified smart key.

The Kevo mobile app for iOS enables you to send and receive eKeys to and from family and friends, while also managing eKey users and tracking eKey user history. These eKeys are e-mails telling people how to download the Kevo app so their smartphones become a smart key. An Android app is being developed for future compatibilities.



Bluetooth control of the Danalock is a secure app based pairing that has features that unlock so much more. This easy-to-install door lock give you the ability to unlock your deadbolt while within Bluetooth range, using a timer, and with the Bluetooth Z-wave combo version, anywhere around the world all while keeping a log of activity. With the power of Bluetooth Smart (4.0 LE) the Danalock's battery can last up to 2 years!

Danalock easily screws into the location of your previous deadbolt, senses your approaching digital key via Bluetooth, and unlocks the door automatically. Conversely, Danalock can also be programmed to lock automatically after entering, sending a quick vibrating notification to your smartphone using the Danalock app. For extra security, use time control settings to give the housekeeper, the babysitter, employees, and party guests access to your home or business at specified times.

This battery powered Bluetooth door lock can be controlled via app on Android and iOS devices. Some models include Z-Wave integration and can be used with Vera controllers. This gives another great tool to use in your automated home.



Electric door strikes and mag locks are systems that require dedicated power sources and are either already in place or require a much more extensive installation. With the BlueGuard FE, you can add the extra security of Bluetooth to these systems.

When you enter into the Bluetooth wireless range of the BlueGuard FE with a Bluetooth-paired smartphone, contact closure is created and will trigger the built-in low-voltage relay. That relay then sends a signal output to the device you want to have controlled such as an electronic door strike or mag lock system.

If you want to grant friends, family, employees, tutors, and/or other guests remote access using BlueGuard FE, it can be programmed to recognize up to 10 individual devices. To ensure that your property stays secure, BlueGuard FE pairs with Bluetooth-enabled devices using a unique 6-digit PIN created upon initial set-up. This sturdy Bluetooth module is enclosed within a durable, watertight PVC housing to withstand wet climates and harsh outdoor environments.

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