Safety Turtle Wristband (Blue)

Safety Turtle Wristband (Blue)

Pool Safety Device Triggers Loud Alarm if Child Falls Into Swimming Pool
  • Locking wristband sends alert if your child falls into a swimming pool
  • Fully transportable system sets up in minutes; no installation necessary
  • Any number of wristbands can communicate with single base station



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  • Protect your young family members with a pool alarm system that warns you when children fall into your swimming pool. Simply lock the Safety Turtle Wristband around your child's wrist, and it will send a signal to an AC-powered base station (sold separately) inside your home if your child falls in. The base station will emit a piercing alarm to alert you immediately to the danger.

    No Permanent Hardware Installation Required
    Unlike expensive hard-wired pool alarm systems, the Safety Turtle pool safety system doesn't require hardware in or around the pool. Plus, the wristbands and base station are completely transportable. Take the safety alarm system with you to friends' or relatives' homes. You can even take it to the lake or camping by a river: A battery pack is available to power the base station when no AC power is available.

    Minimizes False Alarms Caused by Normal Kids' Play
    The Safety Turtle Wristband features a bright-colored turtle and locks securely onto your child's wrist with an included key, ensuring that it doesn't get removed or lost. Designed to withstand play, the rugged Safety Turtle Wristband must be fully immersed in water before activating, so you'll never get a false alarm due to rain or spray from hoses or lawn sprinklers.

    Color Coded to Prevent Interference with Neighbor's Systems
    The Safety Turtle system uses a color-coded system designed to minimize false alarms or other problems due to neighboring systems. Each colored wristband operates on a different frequency; make sure that all wristbands communicating with your Safety Turtle base are the same color. The Safety Turtle Wristband is also available in green, purple, red, and yellow.

    Important note: The Safety Turtle Pool Alarm System is not a substitute for diligent supervision or for pool access barriers. Not suitable for use in salt water.

  • Specifications

    Product No.: T101B
    Operating Range: 100' (30m)
    Battery Life: 4 years, minimum
    Approvals: FCC compliant
    Warranty: 6 months, limited

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    Review of 3220bb Review by JOHN
    Review of 3220bb

    Easy to take on and off as needed and worked well...even if the slightest amount of water made contact with them...which is what we wanted while on vacation near a pool. The combination of products gave us wonderful statisfaction, as well as, a peace of mind on our trip. Thank you Smarthome! :)

    Posted on 6/18/2005

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    • Turtle with preinstalled battery
    • Locking buckle
    • Key for locking buckle
    • Baby Turtle plug

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