SafeKey 219-1003 Standard SafeKey

SafeKey 219-1003 Standard SafeKey

A Simple Deterrent to Impaired Driving
  • 3-step process checks for sobriety on multiple levels of hand-eye coordination
  • Includes check module and engine immobilizer (Professional Installation Recommended)
  • The SafeKey directly measures the actual impairment level of a driver by assessing one



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  • Keep the roads safe and avoid DUIs by not allowing yourself to drive while impaired. The SafeKey system includes a check module and an engine immobilizer to test your hand eye coordination. The testing portion of the SafeKey system is done through the check module, a key fob you can easily attach to your keys. It is the size of a conventional automotive key, so it won't add extra bulkiness to your pocket or purse. The engine immobilizer is a solid-state electronic circuit that is professionally installed into your vehicle, usually under the dashboard, so it remains unobtrusive.

    To start the impair test, press the Check Follow Button. If you pass, you will be allowed to start your car and drive. If you fail, you'll have to wait an hour to try again, giving you time to sober up. To start the impairment test, press the Check button. Colored LEDs on the check module will randomly flash and the user must press the corresponding buttons immediately below the LEDs. If the user passes, the OK LED and a tone generator will beep to indicate a passing performance. Then, the user will have 10 seconds to start the engine. If the user does not pass, the NOK LED will flash and the engine will not start when the user turns the key.

    Honest fumbles can occasionally occur even when completely sober, so the SafeKey allows three opportunities to retry the test. If the test is not passed, the system will lock out for an hour, giving the user more opportunity to achieve sobriety.

    Please Note: Professional installation is recommended. Cost for this optional service is $89.95.

    How it Works

    The process is simple. If you pass, you are allowed to drive. If you fail, you'll have to wait an hour to try again.

    Step One:

    Press the "CHECK" button to start the impairment test.

    Step Two:

    Follow the flashing lights.

    The "CHECK" button activates the colored light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to rapidly flash in a fully random fashion -- say: red, blue, green, red and blue. The user reacts to the rapidly-changing light pattern by pressing the buttons immediately adjacent to the light sources.

    Step Three:

    If the test is passed, the engine can be started.

    If the person checking his/her respective level of eye-hand coordination responds accurately and rapidly enough, the "OK" LED will flash and the tone generator will beep a "positive" performance. Under this circumstance, the driver has 10 seconds to use the key to start the automobile's engine. On the other hand, if the Check Module detects that the operator has not responded appropriately, the engine Immobilizer will not permit the starter to function.

    Since "honest fumbles" will occasionally occur even when sober, the SafeKey will allow several opportunities to retry the test. If, however, after the third opportunity the test is not passed, the "CHECK" cannot be retried for an hour in order to allow the user an opportunity to gain further sobriety.


    "I purchased and had SafeKey installed in my 2008 Buick Enclave on March 25, 2010. I have found it very easy to use the SafeKey module each time I get into the car, complete the testing and be able to start my car within 10 seconds. I hope I never fail the check module test, but it is satisfying to know that it would prevent me from driving if impaired. I would highly recommend this for all social drinkers."
    -Richard Galbraith 3/29/2010

    "I have installed the SafeKey in our family car. We decided to do this for our son who has recently received his driver's permit. The SafeKey and the wisdom behind its purpose is already being felt by my teen. He clearly knows why the device is installed and his awareness is terrific."
    -Thia Bednar 4/2/2010

    "I am a person that has encountered two DUIs and asked to have the SafeKey installed in my automobile. I have just been told by the court system that I do not need any items at all anymore in my car. I told them that the SafeKey is staying in my car as it gives me complete solace to relax, take a breath, and pass the test prior to starting engine."
    -Christine Rayer 4/23/2010

    "I have SafeKey in my car and recently drove from Minneapolis to New Orleans. I parked my car in various hotel lots and city streets along the way including downtown New Orleans. I had no fear of having my car stolen because of SafeKey and had no other problems. SafeKey gave us peace of mind because I knew I was okay to drive."
    -Frank Godiard 5/10/2010

    "I see so many products being developed to prevent impaired driving. But, the SafeKey is the best I have seen. It is proactive: not after the fact, after all the devastation has occurred from impaired driving. The SafeKey check module allows you to assess your own personal readiness to drive."
    -Debbie Prudhomme 6/24/2010

    "There are many advantages to using the SafeKey: it prevents the social drinker from driving on alcohol, it prevents drivers who may have temporary illnesses that impair them from driving, and prevents drivers who are too emotional to drive from driving. Remember, you impair your ability to drive with anything, be it with alcohol, drugs, emotions, food, or by the environment in the vehicle, and you are gambling with your life and other's lives as well."
    -Mark Prudhomme 6/27/2010

    "SafeKey protects all of us. SafeKey is a great way to make a family commitment to ensuring everyone is ready to drive when they get behind the wheel."
    -Ernest Grumbles III 7/15/2010

    "SafeKey is easy to use, easy to install, and once you start using it, you will look at driving with more appreciation and seriousness."
    -Annette Heartwild 8/2/2010

    "I have read all the materials . . . All we can do is to help folks avoid tragedy - and this is one of the best tools ever made to help people do the right thing."
    -Mark Ritchie 9/3/2010
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    Review of 92915 Review by ECT
    Review of 92915

    This appears to be a major advancement in protecting drivers from themselves and others. This interlock system is inexpensive and tests any type impairment. I hope it becomes popular.

    Posted on 11/16/2010

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