Rodent Terminator RT100 Electronic Rodent Trap


Rodent Terminator RT100 Electronic Rodent Trap

Our Best-Selling Remote-Controllable DimmerEnd Your Rodent Problems Forever
  • Rodents don't stand a chance
  • Weather resistent housing with all of the electronics protected inside
  • Uses a high voltage electric shock to instantly kill the rodent



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  • The Rodent Terminator RT100 Electronic Rodent Trap is a revolutionary new electronic rodent trap which will put an end to your rodent problems forever! Rodents are a HUGE problem whether they are in your home or business. They are more than just a pest - they carry disease and can ruin food, property and your reputation. They breed like crazy and can adapt to almost any environment or food source. If you have seen one - there are several more you haven't seen yet! The answer is the Rodent Terminator. Put it anywhere - inside or outside. It's inconspicuous and discreet so it can go anywhere it's needed. It remains on standby for months and will kill dozens of rodents on a set of batteries.The Rodent Terminator uses a heart-stopping electric shock to INSTANTLY KILL the rodent. No poison or sticky mess. No blood or gore. It is safe, humane and very easy to clean. Find out why the Rodent Terminator is being described by many people as the best rodent trap in the world!

    Note: This product is only available for shipping within the contiguous US

    Can I put my Rodent Terminator outside?
    Absolutely! The Rodent Terminator has a weather resistent housing with all of the electronics protected inside. It can get directly rained on and sit in about 1/4" of water and still work fine. If the weather is going to get too crazy then you might consider bringing the Rodent Terminator inside. Chances are the rodents won't be out in that kind of weather anyway!

    How does the Rodent Terminator kill a rodent?
    The Rodent Terminator uses a high voltage electric shock to instantly freeze the muscles of the rodent and simultaneously give the critter a heart attack. We have spent thousands of hours to perfect our electronics design to deliver the fastest and most humane results. The rodent is dispatched so quickly, it doesn't even know what hit it. No blood, no gore, no torture.

    How safe are children around the Rodent Terminator?
    The Rodent Terminator is NOT A TOY! Children should be warned not to put their hands inside the Rodent Terminator at any time. They could get a very painful - but non-lethal - electric shock. The good news is that they would probably only make the mistake once and then never touch the Rodent Terminator again.

    What about my pets?
    The Rodent Terminator is designed to deliver a lethal shock to any animal small enough to go completely inside the trap. Almost any dog or cat is safe, but your pet hamster won't come out alive. Please use sensible precautions when placing the trap. Try to imagine what animals might inadvertently go inside the trap or be attracted to the bait.

    What about Grandpa?
    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: The high voltage used by the Rodent Terminator during a kill cycle might disrupt the normal function of a pacemaker. DO NOT allow anyone with a pacemaker to use the Rodent Terminator.

    How long will the Rodent Terminator's batteries last?
    With a new set of batteries, the Rodent Terminator will remain on standby for at least 60 days and/or make about 20+ kills. Each time it makes a kill, it uses a portion of that standby energy, so the actual life of the batteries is variable. The Rodent Terminator will let you know when you need to replace the batteries. All in all, it will come down to pennies per rodent and simple maintenance.

  • Manufacturer: Rodent Terminator
    Manufacturer Products No.: RT100
    UPC: 793573913432
    Batteries: 4 D size alkaline cells
    Battery life: Approximately 30 Kills; - up to 6 months stand-by
    High voltage electric shock instantly kills
    Kill Cycle: 90 seconds to ensure the kill
    Tri-color Status LED: Green indicates trap is armed; Yellow and Red indicates a dirty kill plate; Red indicates batteries are low during arming and blinks when a kill has been made
    Safety-Off: Snap acting switch deactivates trap when opened.
    RoHS, CE, FCC compliant
    Dimensions: 316 (L) x 109 (W) x 135 (H) 12 1/2" (L) x 4 1/4" (W) x 5 1/4" (H)
    Weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs.)
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