RJE Technologies AG100 AquaGuard Pool Alarm System


RJE Technologies AG100 AquaGuard Pool Alarm System

Wireless Alarm System Notifies You When Someone Falls in the Pool
  • Main detector alarm is louder than that of a car alarm
  • Wireless remote emits audible alarm inside home
  • Detects a child or pet 18 lbs and larger
  • LED indicator lets you know when armed or in standby mode
  • Virtually immune to wind and false alarms



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  • The AquaGuard Pool Alarm System is an advanced swimming pool security system that detects when a child or pet falls into a the pool or spa. The detector has been designed to emit an audible alarm louder than that of a car alarm when it recognizes something 18 lbs or more falling into the body of water. Along with the main detector sounding an alarm, the wireless remote will also emit an audible siren to help ensure that it is heard inside the home. This intelligent system distinguishes the difference between a real event and pool toys, wind or a dog drinking from the water's surface, preventing false alarms. Armed system status is displayed on the remote keypad by a glowing green light and in this mode is when the alarm will be sounded if a fall is detected. To use the pool without an alarm sounding the homeowner need only press the large "OK" button to put the AquaGuard into standby mode. The main detector unit is powered by 4 D-batteries (sold separately) and the wireless remote by a wall transformer. A blinking red LED on the remote will alert owner's that the batteries in the main detector are running low and should be changed. For overly large pools or irregularly shaped pools a second system might be needed in order to cover the entire pool.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer RJE Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No. AG100
    UPC Specification
    Dimensions L 17in x W 13in x H 4in
    Weight 4 lbs
    Certification ASTM
    Detector Indicator Light Blinks when system is armed
    Wireless Remote Indicator Light Green - system armed
    Red - low battery on main detector
    Sirens in Detector 2
    Detector Power Source 4 D-batteries
    Remote Power Source Wall transformer
    Detection Weight Human or pet 18 lbs and larger
    Manufacturer Warranty 3 years
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    • Detector
    • Two-way remote unit
    • Remote transformer
    • Mounting hardware
    • Owner's manual

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