RF Link AVS-24 2/4 Way A/V Selector with S-Video

RF Link AVS-24 2/4 Way A/V Selector with S-Video

Connect Two of Your Favorite AV Appliances to Your Projector or TV with this AV Selector
  • Supports 2 AV input devices, and 4 output devices
  • Supports both S-Video and Composite connection
  • 2 input buttons for easy channel switching
  • Easy set up and installation
  • Simple switching with 2 input selector buttons



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  • Why waste time and money buying a single input AV selector when you can own this 2/4 way selector. With this selector, you can hook up to four audio/video devices such as Blue-ray disc players, DVD players, satellite TV receivers, cable boxes, or game consoles to one TV or home theater. This selector supports up to two audio/video input devices and four output devices. It can be used with S-Video and composite video connections to give you optimum picture quality. There are 2 stereo audio connections with RCA jacks for left and right audio. It also features a stereo jack so that you can listen to your favorite movies, TV shows, or music with a pair of headphones or speakers. Because this product can support four output devices, it would be ideal for someone who wants to connect 4 TVs, projectors, or computers to the same appliances. In addition to your home, it is also a great solution for information broadcasting in airports, retail stores, and department stores. This product is powered by a power adapter that is connected to the 4th S-Video output connector through the adapter plug.

    2 x Composite Video In
    2 x S-Video In
    2 x RCA Stereo Audio Line In
    4 x Composite Video Out
    4 x S-Video Out
    4 x RCA Stereo Audio Line Out

  • Manufacturer: RF Link
    Model: AVS-24
    Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches (190 x 116 x48 mm)
    Product Description: 2/4-Way A/V Selector with S-Video (2-IN, 4-OUT)
    Input - video/audio: x2 (composite & S-Video) and x2 Left/Right RCA jacks
    Output 1 - video/audio x4 (composite & S-Video) and x4 Left/Right RCA jacks
    Power: 12VDC (included)

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    • 2/4-Way A/V Selector (AVS-24)
    • AC Power Adapter
    • S-Video to AC Power Adapter Plug
    • Installation Guide

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