Refurbished Insteon Thermostat
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Factory Refurbished Insteon Remote Control Thermostat

Control Your Thermostat From Any Insteon-Compatible Controller
  • This product is refurbished and sold as-is - see note below for details
  • Remote control from your smartphone or tablet – combined with the Insteon Hub you’ll be able to adjust the temperature from across the room or across the world
  • Save energy and money by automating the temperature with Insteon sensors – only turn on the A/C when motion is detected
  • Add an Insteon Wireless Thermostat to give you temperature monitoring and control from another room
  • Can be Insteon controller: thermostat can activate other Insteon devices when the temperature reaches specific levels
  • Works with heat/cool systems, including advanced 2-stage systems. Also available in a heat pump version
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (Insteon Hub required; Alexa device and Insteon Hub each sold separately)
  • Insteon Hub Pro enables this device to work with HomeKit technology - visit the Insteon Hub Pro product page for additional details



List Price: $149.99

Your Savings: $110.00

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  • This refurbished product is tested to work like new, with limited to no signs of wear. The refurbishing process includes inspection, functionality testing, and repackaging. May not have original packaging. Limited 30 Day Warranty – all sales are final. Only exchanges will be accepted for products found to be defective.

    Want to control your home's thermostat from another room? How about being able to cool (or heat) the house while you're at work, or check the temperature when you're on the road? With the Insteon Thermostat, you can control your home's temperature whether you're at home or miles away, saving energy (and money) and maximizing comfort.

    Simply replace your existing thermostat* and link it to any Insteon controller such as a Mini Remote, KeypadLinc** or your smartphone using the Insteon Hub.**

    *Replaces most standard wired in-wall thermostats. Not compatible with heat pumps or millivolt systems. Not sure if it will work for you? Call us! 800-762-7845
    **Requires at least one Insteon dual-band device (sold separately)

    Please Note: Limited 30-day warranty. All sales are final. Only exchanges will be accepted for defective products. Product proven to be defective will be replaced with a refurbished item. The refurbished products are deeply discounted because they are open-box (customer return) but have been tested and found to be functional. The product does not come with a user guide, mounting screws/anchors or original box. Please download the quick start guide and/or manual below for reference.

    The Insteon Thermostat also works like a standard thermostat with local control, four automatic modes and 7-day programmable settings--allowing independent settings for individual days, weekdays, weekends and every day--so there's no hassles with training your family on how to use it.

    In addition to remote control, program the thermostat as an Insteon controller to activate other appliances in your home based on temperature, humidity or mode changes. Here are just a few of the limitless scenarios:
    • When the A/C kicks in, turn on your ceiling fans to help cool down your home faster and more efficiently
    • Add Insteon-compatible software such as HouseLinc and receive text messages if the temperature or humidity drops above or below your defined safe levels
    • If the humidity level climbs too high, turn on a dehumidifier with an ApplianceLinc.
    • Program a daily "Return" mode that turns on your A/C and switches on your outside lights so you come home to a relaxing, welcoming house

    • Add a Wireless Thermostat
      Did you ever wish that you could keep the temperature exactly right in a specific area of your home? Now you can by adding an Insteon Wireless Thermostat to your Insteon Thermostat. Put it in the master bedroom, in the basement, in the guest room--anywhere you want room-specific, customized temperature control. Up to two Insteon Wireless Thermostats can be added.

    Room-Specific Climate Zones

    Much of the heating or cooling energy in a forced air system is wasted on rooms that are unused. Installing duct dampers can help to direct air conditioning to only the rooms that are actually needed. Dampers work by blocking the flow of air in the ductwork and can be installed to close off sections of a house or individual rooms, depending on the level of control desired. When wired to an Insteon I/O Linc, a damper becomes a device on your Insteon network that can be addressed directly by Insteon devices and managed by an Insteon central controller. Without a central controller, an Insteon Motion Sensor can be added to rooms with dampers and linked to the I/O Linc. When motion is detected, the duct damper will open, providing heating or cooling to the room and when the room becomes unoccupied, the damper will close.

    Using a central controller like HouseLinc or Perceptive Automation's Indigo, the exact temperature in each room can be monitored and controlled. Adding an Insteon Wireless Thermostat in each room that is configured with a duct damper can provide amazingly accurate and granular temperature control on a room-specific level. If the temperature in the master bedroom falls at night, the Wireless Thermostat will report back to the Insteon Thermostat controlling your heating and cooling system, heating just the bedroom while keeping all of the other dampers closed to minimize the energy used. The same system can keep a living room walled with windows cool in the summer.

    Sensory Input

    Available for installation on every Insteon Wireless Thermostat, a Waterproof Temperature Sensor can be added to provide monitoring of environments that are less than ideal for the thermostat itself. The small sensor bulb can be installed in hard-to-reach areas that are still critical to monitor.

    The temperature in a home's attic can greatly influence the temperature of the entire home. Using a Wireless Thermostat with the Waterproof Temperature Sensor mounting in the attic space, your home can monitor this often-ignored area and trigger heating and cooling events based on the attic temperature. Installing an attic-mounted circulation fan and On/Off Micro Module, your thermostat can exhaust hot air building up in the attic before your air condition system needs to work overtime to displace the heat.

    Just as much as the attic influences cooling costs, a frigid basement in winter means longer heater runs and the potential for disastrous water damage if temperatures approach freezing. Installing a Wireless Temperature Sensor with Waterproof Temperature Sensor in a basement can help keep the rest of your home warm in the winter by maintaining a minimum heat temperature and monitoring for freeze conditions that might cause poorly insulated water pipes to burst.

    Placing the temperature bulb in a pool or spa lets your home monitor areas not traditionally controlled by a thermostat. Configure an Insteon Keypad button to turn on your spa pump and heater with an Insteon 220V Load Controller and maintain the perfect temperature. The Wireless Thermostat will regulate the spa heater, turning it on to heat the water and turning it off when it reaches the desired temperature.

    System Interaction
    By far the most powerful aspect of the Insteon Thermostat is the fact that it is a single component of an entire home control and automation system. Homeowners who have invested in an Insteon system will likely find the nearly limitless options for expansion the biggest boon. Insteon has always been a system that has only been limited by the imagination of the installer; a do-it-yourselfer's dream, Insteon can be modified to work into any home and any set of conditions. There may be more legwork involved and the more you know about your home, the more you can achieve, but for those with the will, a multi-zoned, individually controlled, attic and basement monitoring HVAC system is an achievable reality.

    This thermostat requires power from the furnace or A/C unit to function. If you do not have a "common" wire running between your thermostat and heating/cooling equipment, you may need either to run a new wire or to install an Add-A-Wire kit.

    Because the Insteon thermostat is an RF-only Insteon product, at least one dual-band Insteon device is required for it to communicate with your other Insteon devices.

    • Please refer to 2441TH for specifications
  • 3 Reviews

    Before you begin Review by Lawrence
    Before you begin

    Check your existing thermostat to see if there are 4 or 5 wires running to it. If there are 4 wires then you will need to purchase an "add a wire" kit for $25. It isnt that difficult to install but it is disappointing to get the thermostat and then find out that it does not work. Im sure a lot of these "refurbished" items are from people who just dont want to fool around with installing another piece of electronics. Note that there is no return for this, so make sure that you are handy with electronics before you buy.

    Posted on 3/20/2017

    Don't waste your money Review by Ralph
    Don't waste your money

    Two trip from my HVAC guy and several calls into support they couldn't get it to work. All programming done at the device not from the app. You can change the current temp via the app but if you needed to hold it at the temp you need to go to device. Honestly not worth the money.

    Posted on 2/8/2017

    Remote compatability Review by jmight
    Remote compatability

    Nice to be able to monitor my server room, prior to having this we had the room up to 102 degrees, now I can catch the issue before it becomes a problem

    Posted on 4/22/2016

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