Raindrip SDFSTHP Flower, Shrub and Tree Automatic Watering Kit

Save Water and Time Automatic Plant Watering Kit
  • Drip watering kit
  • Battery operated timer screws on to hose bibb
  • Water up to 10 plants at a time
  • Tool-free setup
  • Expandable system



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  • Save water and keep your plants healthy year round with the Flower, Shrub and Tree Watering Kit from Raindrip. This drip watering kit is designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind as it installs tool-free in roughly 20 minutes. The Flower, Shrub and Tree Automatic Watering Kit includes a battery operated timer, filter regulator, 50 feet of tubing and 10 water feeders. Upon laying the tubing throughout your landscape, the feeders are then connected to the tubing at desired watering locations to provide two gallons per hour (GPH) of drip watering for up to 10 plants. The drip kit tubing connects to a battery operated timer which screws directly on to the hose bibb being used and allows for the system to be set to water automatically. Once installed owners can enjoy healthier plants year round without the hassle of constantly having to manually water them. It is important to note that the timer must be installed on an above ground hose bibb and that it requires water pressure of, at least, 25psi.

    A drip watering kit helps reduce the amount of wasted water that normally results from watering plants, bushes and trees with a standard hose. A drip watering kit slowly delivers just the right amount of water to each plants root zone ensuring that none of the water being used is wasted.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer NDS Inc
    Manufacturer Product No. SDFSTHP
    UPC 018171500144
    Tubing Length 50 feet
    Water Feeders 10
    Water Feeder GPH 2
    Plants Watered at a Time Up to 10
    Compatibility Plants, flowers, shrubs and trees (not for use on lawns)
    Timer Battery operated
    Installation ~20 minutes
    Soil Compatibility Sand, loam and clay
    Region Compatibility Coastal, inland and desert
    (suggested watering times by region and soil-type located in "Setup Guide")
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    • 1x - Universal Faucet Timer
    • 1x - Filter / Pressure Regulator
    • 1x - "Y" Connector
    • 1x - Universal Tee
    • 1x - Universal End Plug
    • 1x - 50ft Supply Tubing
    • 5x - Wire Stakes
    • 10x - Goof Plugs
    • 10x - Support Stakes
    • 10x - Pre-assembled 4ft Feeder Lines, 2GPH
    • 1x - Installation Instructions

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