Rainbow Fish H3D-BK075F Professional Series Fiber Optic HDMI Cable, Black, 75 Feet

Fiber Optic HDMI Offers No Signal Degradation Over Long Distances
  • Works with all HDMI connected devices
  • Offers longer lengths and more reliable signal than copper
  • Thin and elegant cable is easily bundled
  • No EMI Interference


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  • Rainbow Fish solves the problem of HDMI over long distance. With Rainbow Fish technology, the HDMI signal is converted to light pulses that carry the full high-definition HDMI signal up to 1000 feet. Fiber optic cable has virtually no electrical interference and is the future of the connected home. This Fiber Optic HDMI Cable is sleek and elegant. It can be easily hidden when connected between your HDMI-connected products and blends in easily when tucked neatly at the baseboard molding in your home. It's easy to use and works with all HDMI connected products to your HDTV or 3DTV.

    Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI Pro Series cables provide the best 1080p picture quality with an elegant, thin cable instead of bulky copper HDMI cables. Pro Series Fiber Optic cables are interference free and provide better connections especially at distances longer than 10 feet than copper cables or powered HDMI sender and receiver systems using CAT 5 and 6 cable. This cable includes a hardwired USB power supply for connection at the display location and provides exceptional HDMI performance at long distances for easy connection of HDMI components in different rooms or in a large living room or home theater. Each Pro Series cable has a durable, UL-rated black color cable jacket and durable connector housing.

    Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic cable for HDMI is an easy-to-use plug and play product with HDMI connectors on both ends, linked together with state-of-the-art fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cable provides the best quality signal for high definition content at distances up to 1000 feet so audio-video components anywhere in your home can be connected with great results. You can connect source components such as DVD, Blu-ray, Set-top boxes, DVRs, computers, tablets, games and more, easily with Rainbow Fish.

    The Rainbow Fish Professional Series Fiber Optic HDMI Cable is also available in the following lengths, each sold separately.

    Rainbow Fish proprietary electronics convert the HDMI electrical signal to an optical signal and send the optical light through the fiber. The process is reversed at the display connection. Unlike conventional copper HDMI cables, the fiber optic cable is EMI-free and can transfer the full HDMI protocol over long distances.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Rainbow Fish
    Manufacturer Product No H3D-BK075F
    UPC 6952214580110
    Cable Length 75 Feet
    Connection HDMI
    Receiving Connection HDMI with Integrated USB Power Cable
    Cable Type Fiber Optic
    Data Rate 16 Gbps
    Video Format 3D / 1080p / 1080i / 720p
    Supported Features HDCP / EDID / CEC
    Voltage DC 5V
    Humidity 0% - 90% RH
    Pull Strength >55 Pounds
    Color Black
    Jacket Durable, In Wall Rated

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  • 1x - 75 Foot Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

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