Radio Design Labs FP-ECC1 Energy Conservation Controller

Radio Design Labs FP-ECC1 Energy Conservation Controller

Automatically Switches A/V Systems Off/On to Conserve Power Usage
  • Automatic mains power on/off controller
  • Power-up triggered by audio and/or external switch
  • Audio and/or external input to hold power on
  • Selectable power-down delay after input inactivity
  • Line-level, speaker-level or 70/100 V audio hold input
  • Adjustable sensitivity with LED for audio sensing inputs



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  • The FP-ECC1 is a control unit designed to automatically turn an A/V system on and off for maximum energy savings. Multiple sensing inputs and control outputs are provided in standard formats affording optimum flexibility in a broad variety of installations. The FP-ECC1 features may be enhanced through the use of optional RDL remote controls and detection and control modules. Connections are provided to interface the FP-ECC1 with OEM equipment.

    Actuation of any trigger input activates the CONTROL OUTPUTS. The open-collector PULSE ON output is pulled to ground for one second to initiate startup of OEM equipment requiring momentary actuation. The open-collector ON CONTINUOUS terminal is pulled to ground and the relay is engaged to control logic or relay-switched mains outlets for the A/V system. Mains power may not be directly connected through the FP-ECC1. Once triggered, the outputs are held on by any of the HOLD INPUTS or TRIGGER INPUTS. Loss of signal on the trigger and hold inputs starts the power-down DELAY which is switch-selectable for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. If the trigger and hold inputs remain inactive for the delay period, the ON CONTINUOUS terminal opens, the relay is de-energized and the PULSE OFF output is pulled to ground for one second to initiate shutdown of OEM equipment requiring momentary actuation. The control outputs remain off and the module remains in a standby condition until the next trigger input is received. The front-panel blue power LED glows dimly when the control outputs are off; it is bright when the control outputs are on.

    The FP-ECC1 may be triggered by any of the three audio trigger inputs or by pulling the external trigger terminal to ground using RDL detection or control modules, open-collector outputs from OEM controllers or equipment, or by a magnetic door switch or motion sensor.

    Two HOLD INPUTS are provided in addition to the TRIGGER INPUTS to keep the system powered while there is any user activity. The AUDIO input is normally connected to the speaker output of the system power amplifier. Switch-selectable low-cut filters are provided for all of the audio sensing inputs. These filters attenuate low frequencies that could false trigger the module. Audio and control connections use detachable terminal blocks.

    This item requires a 24V power supply such as the PS-24AS or PS-24K for operation.

    • Audio Trigger Inputs (3): Balanced Mic (50k Ohms bridging), Balanced Line (50k Ohms bridging), Unbalanced Line (50k Ohms)
    • Audio Trigger Threshold: Mic: -70 to -38 dBu, adjustable; Line: -38 to -12 dBu, adjustable; Unbalanced Line: -35 dBV
    • Switched Trigger Input: Pull-to-ground, 0.1 mA pullup to 5 Vdc, 2.5 Vdc threshold
    • Audio Hold Input: Switch-selectable Line-level, Speaker-level or Constant voltage
    • Audio Hold Threshold: Line: -35 to 0 dBu, adjustable; Speaker: 1 mW to 3 W (8 Ohms), 90 mV to 5 V adjustable; 70/100 V: 600 mV to 38 V
    • Switched Hold Input: Pull-to-ground, 0.1 mA pullup to 5 Vdc, 2.5 Vdc threshold
    • Audio Detection Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 5 kHz
    • Audio Low-Cut Filters: Switch-selectable -20 dB @ 50 Hz (reference 1 kHz)
    • Control Outputs, Continuous for Mains Switching (2): SPDT Relay, Open-collector @ 50 mA
    • Control Outputs, Momentary (2): Off Pulse: Open-collector @ 25 mA for 1 second; On Pulse: Open-collector @ 25 mA for 1 second
    • Open-collector external pull-up voltage: 24 Vdc maximum
    • Control Input: Pull-to-ground, 0.1 mA pullup to 5 Vdc, 2.5 Vdc threshold (toggles between standby and control outputs active)
    • Override Inputs (2): Force on, force off (overrides all other functions to force control outputs on or off)
    • Control Outputs Turn-off Delay: Switch-selectable 15, 30 or 60 minutes following loss of trigger and hold inputs
    • Remote Control: RJ45 for optional dedicated RDL remote controls (example: D/DS-ECR1, D/DS-ECR1L)
    • Remote Control Trigger Disable: Switch-selectable to enable or disable a remote control from powering down and disabling the trigger inputs
    • VCA Output: 0 to 10 Vdc (set by optional remote control)
    • Indicators (5): Audio trigger LED (green); External switched trigger LED (yellow); Audio hold LED (green);
    • External switched hold LED (yellow); Power, Bright = Control Outputs active, Dim = Control Outputs inactive
    • Power Connections (3): Terminal block; dc power jack (2)
    • Power Requirement: 24 Vdc @ 75 mA, 25 mA idle current
    • Overall Dimensions: Height: 1.42 in.3.61 cm, Width: 3.25 in. 8.26 cm, Length: 8.5 in. 21.6 cm
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