Quirky + GE POTLK-WH01 Outlink Wall Outlet and Energy Monitor


Quirky + GE POTLK-WH01 Outlink Wall Outlet and Energy Monitor

Wink-Controlled Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring
  • Smart outlet can be controlled by iOS and Android devices
  • Requires Wink Hub or Wink Relay (sold separately) for wireless control
  • Top outlet is a smart outlet; bottom outlet acts as traditional outlet
  • Check energy usage at a glance with the Wink app
  • Set a budget for energy use and get notified when it’s reached
  • Designed to seamlessly replace standard 15-amp duplex outlets
  • Wink App Compatible (Wink Hub or Wink Relay Required)



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  • Home Management Made Easy

    Outlink is an intelligent outlet that controls lighting and appliances while monitoring energy consumption.

    Monitor Remotely with an App

    Standard and Smart

    Stay Within Budget

    Use the Wink app to turn plugged-in products off or on and monitor energy consumption from a smartphone. Outlink combines a traditional outlet with a smart one for more versatile appliance control. Set a monthly energy usage budget and schedule Outlink to turn on or off to conserve energy. Receive a mobile alert when the budget is reached or exceeded.

    Energy Monitoring

    With Outlink’s smart outlet, users can monitor energy consumption in real time. Keep track of exactly how much money the television, vacuum, or microwave is costing you per use. The Wink app provides a simple platform to monitor the activity of appliances and lighting. Just open the app and review which devices are on or off; if a device plugged into the smart outlet needs to be turned off to conserve energy, the Wink app can remotely turn off the device.





    Outlink can work as an on/off switch for individual products ranging from smartphone chargers to coffee makers. Wink Shortcuts found in the Wink app allow users to assign individual products to the Outlink smart outlet. For those appliances that you want to keep active 24/7 like a personal refrigerator or beverage cooler, the Outlink features a standard outlet without remote control capability. Outlink's switches can be scheduled to turn on or off from the Wink app on your mobile device. Set Outlink to automatically turn on lighting, so that it always looks like someone is home.


    When paired with the Wink Hub or Wink Relay, Outlink can be controlled from Android and iOS smartphones. Remotely monitor energy consumption, receive notifications when energy costs reach or exceed a set budget, and power devices plugged into the smart outlet on or off.

    More about Outlink

    The Quirky Outlink combines a single traditional outlet and a smart, Wink Hub or Wink Relay-compatible outlet for versatile appliance control. A Wink Hub (Smarthome Item #89148) or Wink Relay (Smarthome Item #89139) controls devices plugged into the smart outlet over WiFi. Using an easy-to-navigate app interface, users can remotely control products using iOS and Android smartphones. With Outlink’s smart outlet, users can monitor energy consumption in real time. Use the Wink app to set an energy consumption budget and send a text or e-mail notification once that budget is met or exceeded. If house guests have a tendency to leave the iron burning or stereo playing for long periods of time, just pull out your smartphone to turn devices plugged into the smart outlet on or off. Going on vacation? Use Outlink and the Wink app to keep energy consumption as low as possible while away. The Outlink can also be used to time lighting so it always looks like someone is home.

    For a streamlined look, the Outlink comes with a faceplate and snap cover to hide any visible screws. The outlet is designed to replace standard 15 amp duplex outlets. The main outlet assembly kit includes pre-stripped, stranded wires (black, green, and white). Three wire connectors for wire up to 12 gauges are also included with the Outlink. Both the smart and standard outlets have a power rating of 125VAC and 15 amps.


    This product is a Quirky+GE item. Quirky+GE is a co-branded initiative to develop new consumer products from thousands of GE patents and technologies. With access to GE's advanced manufacturing tools and technologies, the Quirky community has worked together to create innovative app-enabled devices for the home.

    Note: Professional installation of this product is recommended by the manufacturer. Tablet and desktop control is not supported at this time.

    Wink App Compatible vs. Wink App Ready

    Products that are Wink App Compatible must be connected through a Wink HUB. The Wink HUB allows these products to connect with the Wink App (available for iOS and Android) and interact with other Wink App Compatible or Wink App Ready products – see below. They use communications like Z-Wave, Zigbee and ClearConnect to improve battery life and extend the range of smart products around your home. The Wink HUB allows them to speak the same language, so you can easily control them – and customize their interactions – all from the Wink App. Click on the icon to the left for additional Wink App Compatible products.

    Products that are Wink App Ready have Wink technology built in and can connect directly to the Wink App (available for iOS and Android) without the assistance of the Wink HUB. Once connected, the Wink App allows you to interact with other Wink App Ready or Wink App Compatible products. Wink App Ready devices use Wi-Fi to connect to your wireless router and communicate with the Wink App - so you can easily control them and and customize their interactions. Click on the icon to the left for additional Wink App Ready products.

    Wink App

    The Wink App allows you to access and control all of your Wink App Compatible and Wink App Ready devices. You can monitor devices while you’re away, unlock doors remotely, adjust your thermostat, receive text/email status alerts and more. From the Wink App you’ll have 24/7 monitoring capabilities of your home, provided you have internet access to connect to the App. The App is available in the iTunes App Store for devices running iOS 7.0 or later (optimized for iPhone) and in the Google Play Store for devices running Android 2.3 and up.



  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Quirky
    Manufacturer Part Number POTLK-WH01
    UPC 840410105991
    Assembly Kit Includes pre-stripped, stranded wires (black, green, and white) and 3 wire connectors (for wire up to 12 gauge)
    Outlet Replacement Replaces standard 15 amp duplex outlet
    Requirements Wink HUB or Relay, Wi-Fi network, Apple or Android smart device (tablets and desktops not supported at this time)
    Product Dimensions 2.86" W x 4.6" H x 1.8" D
  • 2 Reviews

    Not tamper resistent? Review by BILJ
    Not tamper resistent?

    Data sheet says "This device is intended for installation and use in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and local regulations..."
    Because it's not tamper resistent (those frustrating little covers inside which prevent children from sticking a fork in the socket) you really can't install them in most places of your house. NEC would only allow locations higher than 5.5 Ft, or in hard to reach location like behind a fridge. For typical living room or bedroom use, these don't meet national code.
    Are they UL listed? spec sheet doesn't say.

    Posted on 6/2/2015

    Sweet deal!!! Review by Gargoyle
    Sweet deal!!!

    Well, I wasn't sure that I wanted to spend money on a "smart" outlet but I gotta say, it kinda blew me away. It monitors how much money I'm spending based on how much electricity I'm using through that particular outlet. Now that I know, I'm unplugging a ton of stuff due to "vampire power", which is when my devices apparently keep sucking juice even though they are turned off. It's a pricey outlet yes, but it'll probably save you enough money down the road to pay for itself once or twice. TAKE THAT BIG OIL!!! lol

    Posted on 3/23/2015

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  • 1x - Main assembly kit with pre-stripped wires
    3x - Wire connectors
    1x - Faceplate
    1x - Snap cover
    1x - User guide

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