Quirky PACND-BK01 Ascend Smart Garage Door Controller Module


Quirky + GE PACND-BK01 Ascend Smart Garage Door Controller

Remote Garage Door Control from Your Smartphone
  • Remotely open and close garage doors with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Receive real-time notifications when garage doors open
  • Grant access to unlimited number of users
  • Works with most existing openers
  • DIY installation
  • Wink App Ready (Wink Hub Not Required)


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  • Smart Garage Door Control

    Ascend is the Wink app-controlled garage door opener that can be remotely operated with a touch of a smartphone. Ascend gives users the power to monitor a garage anytime, anywhere.

    Unlimited Number of Users

    Easy-to-Use App Interface

    Monitor from Any Location

    In case of a lockout, emergency, or unexpected visit, grant garage access to an unlimited number of users with a single click. Open and close the garage door and check up on the status of your garage with the Wink app. Receive notifications when the door opens and closes. Rather than having to get within feet of the garage door before opening it, Ascend activates over WiFi and the Wink app for total control from any distance.

    DIY Set-Up

    Compatible with Pre-existing Systems

    Safe Operation

    Ascend's main unit attaches to current garage door openers with a simple plug-in cable. The module itself sleekly connects to most pre-existing garage door opener systems. When Ascend is activated, an LED light will blink and an alert will sound.

    Ascend Screenshots

    Ascend works alongside the Wink app to give users the ability to open and close the garage door remotely with a mobile device. Grant access to multiple house guests, receive real time notifications when the garage is occupied, and know instantly when the garage door moves up or down.

    More about Ascend

    With busy schedules, it’s easy to forget to close the garage door on your way out of the house. It’s even easier to misplace the key fob or run into problems handing garage control over to family and friends. The Quirky Ascend puts garage door control in the palm of your hand to simplify home management. Ascend connects over WiFi using the Wink app for iOS and Android smartphone control. Provide multiple users with garage door control and receive real-time garage door status notifications using the handy Wink app. To grant friends and family garage door access, just visit the app and click “Add a user.” With Ascend, there’s no need to wonder if the garage is already occupied. Simply pull out a smartphone to check if houseguests have left or arrived. Use the Wink app to open and close the garage door with a single click and receive notifications when the door moves up or down.

    When it comes to installation, Ascend attaches to most pre-existing garage door openers with a simple plug-in power cable. More specifically, Ascend is compatible with most UL-listed garage door openers between 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP made on or after January 1, 1993. A reflector that adheres to the garage door during installation lets the module know when the door is open or closed. When setting up Ascend, the laser emitter on the unit should be lined up with the reflector; when those two slip out of alignment, Ascend knows the door’s status. Although Ascend is built to discreetly integrate into preexisting garage opener installations, the module alerts users when active to keep things running smoothly. When Ascend is opening or closing the garage door, an LED on the face of the module blinks and an alarm will sound.


    This product is a Quirky+GE item. Quirky+GE is a co-branded initiative to develop new consumer products from thousands of GE patents and technologies. With access to GE's advanced manufacturing tools and technologies, the Quirky community has worked together to create innovative app-enabled devices for the home.

    Note: Tablet and desktop control is not supported at this time.

    Wink App Ready vs. Wink App Compatible

    Products that are Wink App Ready have Wink technology built in and can connect directly to the Wink App without the assistance of the Wink HUB. It's quick and easy to connect these products; the Wink App will walk you through a simple setup. (These products use Wi-Fi to connect to your wireless router)

    Products that are Wink App Compatible, must be connected through a Wink HUB. The HUB allows these products to connect with the Wink App and interact with the rest of your Wink App Ready or Wink App Compatible products. They use communications like Z-Wave, Zigbee and ClearConnect to improve battery life and extend the range of smart products around your home. The Wink HUB allows them to speak the same wireless language, so you can easily control them – and customer their interactions – all from the Wink App.

    Wink App

    The Wink App allows you to access and control all of your Wink App Compatible and Wink App Ready devices. You can monitor devices while you’re away, unlock doors remotely, adjust your thermostat, receive text/email status alerts and more. From the Wink App you’ll have 24/7 monitoring capabilities of your home, provided you have internet access to connect to the App. The App is available in the iTunes App Store for devices running iOS 7.0 or later (optimized for iPhone) and in the Google Play Store for devices running Android 2.3 and up.



  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Quirky
    Manufacturer Part Number PACND-BK01
    UPC 840410105779
    Garage Door Compatibility Works with UL-listed garage door openers between ½ HP and ¾ HP manufactured on or after January 1, 1993 only.
    Installation Requirements Apple or Android smart device (tablets and desktops not supported), Wink app, Wi-Fi network with a strong signal in your garage
    Product Dimensions 9.14" W x 2.25" H x 11.39" D
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    Quirky Acend works great Review by Walt
    Quirky Acend works great

    I have had Ascend for over a month now (Field test) and it is a great product, works flawlessly. Easy to install and cheaper than the competition. Plus as you add more automation to your home, thru Wink network of participating products, you can control them all with one App!

    Posted on 3/27/2015

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  • 1x - Ascend module
    1x - Power cable
    1x - Trigger wires
    1x - Mount bracket
    1x - Reflector with adhesive
    4x - Drywall anchors
    4x - M5x25mm screws
    1x - User guide

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